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QI Thomas circle

Dr Qi Zhu's paper has received an award from Guangdong Province

Dr Qi Zhu's paper (Zhu, Zhu, & Ding, 2020), titled "The Roles of Chinese CEOs in Managing Individualistic Cultures in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions," has been awarded the Second Prize in the Paper Category at the Tenth Guangdong Province Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards this year. The Guangdong Province Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards, established by the Guangdong Provincial Government, aim to recognize and reward individuals and groups who have made significant contributions to philosophical and social science research, fostering the prosperity and development of these fields within the province.   Please refer to the website for more details:

15 Jul, 2024

9th Prominent BM Scientists20240709

Polyu Ranks 9th Among Institutions with the Most Prominent Business and Management Scientists

PolyU has achieved significant recognition in the field of Business and Management. According to, it proudly holds the 9th position globally among institutions with the highest number of leading business and management scholars. In the specific field of Business and Management, PolyU is ranked 5th among the best universities worldwide in 2024. It also holds the top spot in university rankings for China. These achievements are supported by impressive statistics, including a total D-index score of 821 and a mean h-index score of 58.64. With the contributions of 14 renowned scholars, PolyU has amassed a substantial 3,677 publications, exemplifying its significant research impact in the field of Business and Management. The top scientists in the Business and Management rankings include Professor Eric Wai-ting Ngai (World: 106; China: 6). The Psychology rankings include Professor Michael Bond (World: 465; China: 1). The rankings are derived from a comprehensive analysis conducted on 21 November 2023, which involved 166,880 researcher profiles sourced from various bibliometric data sources, including OpenAlex and Crossref. The position of an institution in the rankings is determined by the sum of the D-indexes (Discipline h-index) of all ranked scientists affiliated with the institution. In the specific field of Business and Management, the analysis included 8,531 profiles and scientists from 588 institutions and affiliations. For detailed rankings, please visit:

9 Jul, 2024


AIS Acknowledges Dr Katherine Feng's Contributions with Early Career Award

Dr Katherine Feng received the Early Career Award from the Association for Information Systems (AIS) in late 2023. AIS is the premier professional association for individuals and organisations that lead the research, teaching, practice, and study of information systems, with members from approximately 100 countries. The globally-recognised Early Career Award celebrates individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of information systems in the early stages of their careers. Every year, the award is presented to between six and eight winners worldwide.

9 Jul, 2024

Awardees of GRFECS 20242520240628v4

General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) 2024/25

We are very pleased to share that in the 2024/25 results of grants from the Research Grants Councils’ General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS), our academic staff have been successful in securing funding for a total of 14 projects.   GRF projects: Prof. Wu LIU, Dr Amy Y. OU, Dr Yijing LI, Dr Bicheng YANG, Dr Jia Katrina LIN, Dr Xiaowei Michael MEI, Dr Ren LI, Dr Jianhua Jordan YU and Dr Xueyong ZHAN   ECS projects: Dr Man Nok WONG, Dr Olivia GUAN, Dr Juyoung LEE, Dr Qiyuan WANG and Dr Lu YAN

28 Jun, 2024

MMAlumni Award Banner20240628 announcement

Outstanding Alumni Award of PolyU Department of Management and Marketing 2024

We are pleased to announce the following awardees of the Outstanding Alumni Award of PolyU Department of Management & Marketing 2024 for their remarkable achievements.   Mr Ben WONG Outstanding Alumni Award in Professional Achievement of PolyU Department of Management and Marketing Mr Ben Wong is currently the CMO of Google, Greater China. He has a proven track record of driving transformative campaigns and innovation for iconic global brands in both Asian and US markets. His strategic acumen shines through his successful management of brands across diverse portfolios, including Google, Procter & Gamble (Olay, Pampers), Johnson & Johnson (Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Johnson’s Baby, Stayfree/Carefree), Beiersdorf (Nivea, Eucerin), Mars/Wrigley (Extra, Doublemint, 5, Skittles), Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and Starbucks China. He is passionate about community services and currently is an advisor and/or committee member of the Children Cancer Foundation (health and related), Ediversity (education and parenting related), Rock Foundation/ Creation Hub (disability related), Ed-ability (disability related) and the Women Alliance Group. His works have received various industry recognition and awards including but not limited to the Stevie Awards - The International Business Award; Marcom Awards, Campaign Asia Event Marketing Awards and ROI Awards.     Dr Dorothy CHAU Outstanding Young Alumni Award in Professional Achievement of PolyU Department of Management and Marketing Dr Dorothy Chau is currently the APAC DPO and Head of Security Assurance, She received her Ph.D. from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. With over 10 years in this space, Dr Chau is a seasoned FinTech professional with a strong reputation as being an industry and academic liaison. She is the advisor of the Cyberport Mentorship Services (CMS), advisor and chairman of the Data Privacy Special Interest Group of the Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia (IFTA), and the Vice-Chairman for Committee of FinTech of the CMA Australia, aiming at promoting Woman in Tech and digital transformations in different industries. She is also the Certification board member at International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and is inducted as a Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP). She serves as the official training faculty of IAPP and delivers various IAPP courses worldwide. Dr Chau served in different working groups of the HKSAR Financial Services Development Council, working on influential policy recommendation proposals related to CBDC, Hong Kong as a Data Hub, Cybersecurity, Fintech Talent Development, and more. Dr Chau is an active industry contributor and proactively share her experiences with different professional associations in Hong Kong and China, including CFA Institute, CPA Australia, The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, The Hong Kong Independent Non-executive Director Association, HKUSPACE, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors, and more. Dr Chau has also put considerable time and effort into helping and nurturing the younger generation in Hong Kong. She is the board member of the Junior Achiever Hong Kong (HK) and the industry advisor of their company program. She also served in the Lions Club, as an active speaker in the Rotary Club, and nurtures local university students through different mentorship and student consultation programs such as Cambridge Consulting Networks.

26 Jun, 2024


MM Members’ Participation in the FB-SHTM Joint Symposium

The FB-SHTM Joint Symposium was held successfully on 4 Jun 2024. The symposium brought members and students from the Faculty of Business and the School of Hotel and Tourism Management together to explore the intersection of business and hospitality, in line with the theme of exploring "New Research Frontier in the Service Industry". The symposium commenced with an inspiring opening remark from Prof. Kaye Chon, Dean and Chair Professor of the SHTM, setting a high standard for the day's discussions. Prof. Song Haiyan, Associate Dean and Chair Professor of the SHTM, Director of RCDTT, and Dr. Ren Li, Assistant Professor of the Department of Management and Marketing, skillfully moderated the morning and afternoon sessions, guiding the dialogue and ensuring a seamless exchange of ideas. The Symposium was concluded by Prof. Chi Nien Chung, Chair Professor of Strategic and Organization Management, and Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies) of the Department of Management and Marketing, with inspiring closing remarks. The symposium featured a series of engaging presentations and discussions, providing a platform for in-depth conversation and knowledge exchange. Participants had the opportunity to gain valuable insights of the latest trends and challenges in the business and hospitality sectors, as well as to network with peers and experts in the field. Our MM members, including Dr Qiyuan WANG, Dr Edward LAI, and Dr Ren LI, also delivered insightful presentations that have significantly enriched the symposium. Thank you to everyone who participated in making this joint symposium a resounding success. We are already looking forward to the next edition and the future collaboration between different faculties.

7 Jun, 2024

20240619 banner

Joint Public Lecture by Prof. Wonseok Oh & Prof. Xueming Luo – 19 Jun 2024 (Wed)

MM will hold a Joint Public Lecture on the topic “Unveiling E-Book Bestsellers: Predictive Insights from Consumption Patterns Using Machine Learning” and “Introducing Machine-Learning-Based Data Fusion Methods for Analyzing Multimodal Data: An Application of Measuring Trustworthiness of Microenterprises” on 19 June 2024.   Unveiling E-Book Bestsellers: Predictive Insights from Consumption Patterns Using Machine Learning Abstract: In the e-book industry, the protability of stakeholders hinges upon the sales of “bestsellers.” However, accurately identifying these titles poses a signicant challenge. While early online reviews have traditionally served as a key resource for forecasting new e-book sales, their reliability and credibility are often undermined by concerns, such as manipulation, rating ination, and “cold-start” issues. As a result, sales predictions solely based on consumer-generated reviews may fall short of expectations. Our study introduces innovative consumption-based prediction approaches that leverage readers’ consumption patterns, oering a promising avenue for identifying bestsellers. Drawing from the perspectives of sustained attention, we identify three key aspects of users’ consumption trajectories— amount, duration, and intensity— and incorporate them into our prediction models established using time-sequenced machine learning algorithms, such as LSTM. Our ndings demonstrate substantial improvements in bestseller prediction accuracy when consumption data is integrated into the models alongside online review and book characteristic parameters. Consumption-driven predictions signicantly enhance sensitivity compared to baseline models. The highest performance enhancement is achieved when both consumption and online reviews are considered in tandem. Furthermore, we explore the nuanced impact of consumption-based predictions across various review characteristics, such as valence, extremity, and informativeness. In addition, the inclusion of consumption data can be particularly helpful for predicting the success of e-books by new authors with no historical sales. Through rigorous robustness checks, we validate the reliability of our ndings, arming that consumption-driven and online review-based predictions eectively complement and substitute each other in enhancing sales forecasts for digital content products. Introducing Machine-Learning-Based Data Fusion Methods for Analyzing Multimodal Data: An Application of Measuring Trustworthiness of Microenterprises Abstract: Multimodal data, comprising interdependent unstructured text, image, and audio data that collectively characterize the same source, with video being a prominent example, oer a wealth of information for strategy researchers. Our study highlights the vital role of both verbal and nonverbal communication in attaining strategic objectives. Through the analysis of multimodal data—incorporating text, images, and audio—we demonstrate the essential nature of interpersonal interactions in bolstering trustworthiness, thus facilitating the success of microenterprises. Leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, such as data fusion for multimodal data and Explainable Articial Intelligence (XAI), we notably enhance predictive accuracy and theoretical interpretability in assessing trustworthiness. By bridging strategic research with cutting-edge computational techniques, we provide practitioners with actionable strategies for enhancing communication eectiveness and fostering trust-based relationships. Access our data and code for further exploration.   Date* : 19 June 2024 (Wednesday) Time* : 2 to 3:50 pm  *Hong Kong Time Venue : N001, PolyU campus   Please register through the registration form on or before 16 Jun 2024 (Sun).   More Details  

5 Jun, 2024


MM Retreat (16-18 May 2024)

MM held an annual retreat in Changsha, China from 16 May to 18 May 2024. It was both a great opportunity for colleagues to connect with each other outside of the usual work environment, and a good chance to link up with fellow researchers and educators in Business School of Hunan University. Our colleagues also learned much about culture and industry trends in Hunan in general and in Changsha specifically. Please refer to the Photo Album for details.  

18 May, 2024


Invitation to PolyU MM - Online PhD Recruitment Summer Camp 2024

The Department of Management and Marketing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University will hold the Online PhD Recruitment Summer Camp on 15 August 2024. We are excited to invite you to join our upcoming Online PhD Recruitment Summer Camp on 15 Aug 2024 (THU). This camp aims to introduce prospective candidates to PolyU MM and PhD Programmes. You will present your research idea to potential supervisors and seek their advice. Additionally, our PhD alumni and current students will share their experiences, offering you valuable insights into the academic opportunities and student life at PolyU. The summer camp welcomes applicants who fulfill all of the following criteria: plan to apply for our PhD programmes in management, marketing, or information systems hold (/anticipate) an undergraduate degree from a top university (e.g., a World Top-200 university based on QS/THE rankings, or a Top-10 university in China) have an excellent undergraduate GPA (e.g., 3.5/4 or higher) possess additional academic merits (e.g., postgraduate degrees, national scholarships, research publications, competition awards, etc.)   The deadline of camp application will be 15 June 2024 (Application link: Qualified students are highly encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will be notified in early July.        

13 May, 2024


Call for Applications - The Seventh (2024) Teacher Training Workshop for the IACMR “Philosophy of Management Research” Course

第七届(2024)管理研究哲学教师培训课程通知 Call for Applications The Seventh (2024) Teacher Training Workshop for the IACMR “Philosophy of Management Research” Course December 5 – 9, 2024 Supported by IACMR and hosted by the The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong, China Course email:   Date December 5, 2024, Thursday 5 pm to December 9, Monday 5 pm Place Department of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China Application Deadline June 30, 2024   Workshop Description This Teacher Training Workshop is to prepare faculty colleagues to teach and promote the Philosophy of Management Research (PMR) course. This PMR course, which has been offered by IACMR for five times, is hosted by leading business schools in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. It is to introduce doctoral students to the nature of scientific work in organizations and management. It focuses on a few of the key issues relating to the philosophy of science and the principles of scientific research. These issues play a pivotal role in guiding researchers’ understanding and explanation of important phenomena in our natural and social world. Understanding these issues will help the researchers to gain clarity on the role of scientific research in advancing the practice of management, which plays an important role in linking insight gained from business research and the advancement of humanity. Failing to have a proper understanding of the role of science or of the scientist can impede scientific work, undermine knowledge creation and accumulation, and stall scientific discoveries. The primary purpose of this course is to develop a new generation of responsible and impactful social scientists for business schools. This course also responds to the call made by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China that it is urgently needed to establish a more comprehensive system of scientific research integrity. Since 2015, this course has been taught every year at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, the School of Management at Fudan University, and the Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. To help other business schools to develop and offer this course to their doctoral students, we developed and offered a “Teacher Training” workshop since 2016. The purpose of this workshop is to train faculty colleagues interested in teaching “Philosophy of Management Research” in their own schools. We also welcome faculty members who do not plan to teach the course in the near future but are interested in learning about the philosophical foundations of our science to join the workshop. Over 150 faculty members from more than 40 leading universities have participated in the workshop in last 8 years. The workshop is a shorter version (4.5-day) of the actual course (which is a ten-session course, for a total of 30 hours). We are calling for applications to the fifth “Teacher Training” workshop in December 2024. The preliminary workshop schedule and syllabus is available at this website: Applicant Requirements The applicant should be a faculty member, in any rank from assistant to full, in a re- search-oriented business school or other related disciplines. Have experience conducting empirical research and have published empirical re- search papers in high quality management journals. Proficiency in English, writing, and reading. An active member (fee-paying member) of IACMR. Before applying, the applicant should read the preliminary workshop schedule and syllabus carefully to fully understand the intense nature of the workshop, in terms of reading materials, schedule, and pre-workshop assignments. The hours are 8:00 or 9:30 am to 9:30 pm daily. The preparation will extend three months before the workshop. This is a resident workshop. All the participants are required to stay at the hotel designated by the workshop organizer. No absence during the workshop is allowed, barring extreme circumstance or emergency. A pledge to (a) complete the pre-workshop preparation assignment, (b) attend all 4.5 days of the workshop, and (c) stay at the designated hotel during the workshop.. Costs There will be no tuition fee for participants. Faculty facilitators are all volunteers. The host Department of Management and Marketing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, will provide course materials, except the books. Participants will purchase their own books used in the workshop. Participants will be responsible for their own transportation and hotel accommodation. Once admitted to the workshop, we will send a hotel list to participants to make their own booking. Application Procedure Application documents include a copy of applicants’ CV, and a one-page cover letter, in which applicants should state the key reasons for why they want to participate in this workshop. Also, in the letter, applicants should include the three-point pledge (a, b and c) stated in Point 7 of Applicant Requirements. Application must be written in English or in Chinese. The workshop will allow only 18 participants. It will be highly competitive. Please prepare your application professionally and carefully. Application deadline is June 30, 2024. Applicants should send the application documents to the course email: We look forward to your application. For questions regarding the workshop, please contact Prof. Xu huang at or Dr. Juley XIAO at   Please click here to get 2024 Philosophy of Management Research Teacher Training Workshop-Schedule and Syllabus.   2024 PMR Teacher Training Workshop Faculty Facilitators Anne Tsui, Arizona State University Zhi Yang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Liangding Jia, Nanjing University Jian Liang, Tongji University Xu Huang, Hong Kong Baptist University Wu Liu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Fuli Li, Xi’an Jiaotong University Tao Wang, Emlyon Business School, France Weiguo Zhong, Peking University Melody Zhang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Man-nok Wong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Song Chang, Hong Kong Baptist University Siting Wang, Hong Kong Baptist University Wen Chen, Renmin University of China Xinyi Bian, Nankai University Yifan Zhong, University of Western Australia Changjun Li, Wuhan University

26 Apr, 2024

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