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The Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies (LMS) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has collected data from 9 leading maritime journals to create a database that would provide the top maritime school rankings based on their publications. On top of that, Marine Policy has replaced the Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce under the area of “Maritime Policy” since 2016. The LMS has established this website to provide current data on research productivity across maritime schools.

List of Journals

The journals included in the database are creditable journals from the areas of Maritime Transportation Economics, Maritime Management and Logistics, and Maritime Policy:

Maritime Transport and Economics
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
Journal of Transport Geography

Maritime Management and Logistics
Accident Analysis and Prevention
International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review

Maritime Policy
Maritime Policy and Management
Marine Policy
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice


The LMS has conducted a study on research contributions based on publications in the 9 leading journals from maritime schools. We have classified the institutions as maritime schools when the institution name consists of any one or more of the following words: maritime, shipping, ocean, or marine.

A score of 1 is allocated to a single-authored paper published by a maritime school. For multiple-authored papers, a pro-rata score is allocated in accordance to the affiliation of the authors. For authors with multiple affiliations, each school is provided with a corresponding scaled score.


We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information. However, the nature and divergence of the information may result in inconsistencies. In the event of a discrepancy in the information provided, please send your comment to us.


The PolyU Top 30 Worldwide Maritime School Rankings (2016-2020) are listed as follows:

Rank School/University Articles Score
1 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 236 111.78
2 University of British Columbia 166 84.61
3 Delft University of Technology 136 83.29
4 University of Sydney 132 82.73
5 University of Leeds 128 78.16
6 Beijing Jiaotong University 130 72.68
7 Monash University 115 61.54
8 Tongji University 119 59.70
9 National University of Singapore 97 59.54
10 Dalian Maritime University 90 55.54
11 Southeast University 92 51.6
12 Nanyang Technological University 85 50.08
13 University of Hong Kong 93 47.82
14 University of Central Florida 72 47.02
15 University of Toronto 67 43.45
16 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 75 42.86
17 Tsinghua University 78 42.48
18 University of Tasmania 87 40.36
19 Technical University of Denmark 66 40.13
20 Queensland University of Technology 69 38.77
21 University College London 57 37.42
22 Dalhousie University 70 36.68
23 University of Queensland 73 34.85
24 Shanghai Jiao Tong University 69 33.52
25 University of Illinois 55 33.33
26 Purdue University 50 31.99
27 University of California Berkeley 66 31.81
28 University of Melbourne 64 31.80
29 University of Michigan 53 31.54
30 Tianjin University 48 31.22


To view previous results:


The database contains author affiliation and information on papers published by maritime related (i.e., shipping, ocean and marine) institutions since 2009. The files can be downloaded via the following links:


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