How to work effectively in a group project?


What will you get in this section?

Do you find starting a project like running your head against the wall? Nothing seems possible! The question sounds strange to you and the direction is unclear. Successful project work requires careful planning and management which demand special skills. You need such skills to complete your project. These are also important skills for your future work. Hence you should see the group project as a good opportunity for developing the following project skills:

  Planning the Project

Managing the project

  How can you make the best use of the materials?  
  1. The workbook contains useful suggestions on how to carry out the various tasks of planning and management a project. You are strongly advised to download the workbook and refer to it for advice anytime, anywhere when you are working on your project.

  2. There are several checklists which are designed to help you check how well your group and yourself are doing in the project. You are strongly advised to complete the checklists regularly during your project work., review your performance as a group and identify areas for improvement.

  3. The workbook contains several tools (e.g. work scheduler) which are useful for managing the project. You can either use them as they are or modify them to suit your needs.