How to work effectively in a group project?

  What will you get in this section?

How exciting is it to form a project group full of friends? However, sometimes winning their support and co-operation seems impossible! Some are unwilling to accept responsibility, whilst others are dominant and pushy. Such unsatisfactory co-operation within the group can adversely affect your performance in the project. Unfortunately, this is so common that you are likely to find yourself facing similar situations in your future career...
  This section helps you to develop the following teamwork skills and develop you as a successful team-player:  
  How can you make the best use of the materials?  
  1. For each topic there are a few bullet points which highlight why it is so important for you to develop a particular teamwork skill. Read the bullet points carefully.

  2. For each teamwork skill, there is a self-evaluation checklist. Each item in the checklist is a useful tip for better performance. You are strongly advised to work through the self-evaluation checklist, review your answers to find out which areas you need to improve, and try to perform according to the advice given in the checklist.