How to work effectively in a group project?

  What will you get from this website?  
  This website is designed to help you work effectively in a group project. The four buttons on the navigation bar represent four sections in the "Working Your Way through a Group Project" workbook.  
  • FAQs provides you with quick tips to common problems encountered by students.
  • Group Skills helps you to develop important teamwork skills for working in a group.
  • Project Skills suggests to you useful methods for planning and managing a project.
  • Presentation Skills gives you practical guides on preparing presentation materials and delivering a presentation.


  How to make the best use of the materials in this website?  
  1. Download the entire workbook or a section and refer to it for advice anytime, anywhere when you are working on your project or your presentation.

  2. There are many self-evaluation checklists on teamwork skills, project skills and presentation skills. Each item in the checklists contains useful tips for better performance. You are strongly advised to work through the checklists either on-line or in your own copy.