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JUPAS Code: JS3117

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Industrial and Systems Engineering is concerned with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, information, physical science, and social science. This programme teaches students fundamental engineering concepts, information technology, design, management, communication skills, and the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design. The programme provides an understanding of the complex problems of modern industrial and business operations.


This programme is a subset of the 4 year BEng(Hons) in Industrial and Systems Engineering programme, and shares the characteristics and subjects related to information systems, human factors, and integrated product and process design. Graduates can apply for the department’s degree programmes with credit transfers.

Programme Details

No. of Credits

60 (plus 10 IC training credits)

Students may be required to take an extra subject in physics depending on their entry qualifications to meet the graduation requirement.

Year 1

(30 credits + 4 IC training credits)

Semester 1(15 credits)
English I (LCR I)# 3
CAR I# 3
Basic Mathematics I - Calculus and Probability and Statistics (AMA1110) 3
University Physics I (AP10008) 3
Information Technology (ENG2003) 3
Engineering Communication and Fundamentals (IC2105) 2 IC training credits
Semester 2(15 credits)
English II (LCR II)# 3
Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering (ENG2001) 3
Basic Mathematics II - Calculus and Linear Algebra (AMA1120) 3
Chinese Communication# (LCR III) 3
University Physics II (AP10009) 3
Engineering Communication and Fundamentals (IC2105) – cont’d 2 IC training credits
Summer Term (6 IC training credits) 
Appreciation of Manufacturing Technologies (IC2107) 4 IC training credits
Computer Proficiency Training (IC2127) 2 IC training credits

CARs may be offered in summer term, subject to the subject offering department.

Year 2

(30 credits)

Semester 1(15 credits)
Mathematics I (AMA2111) 3
Control and Automation (IC2122) 3
Quality Engineering (ISE369) 3
Elective 1* 3
Design and Manufacturing Group Project (IC2123) 3
Semester 2(15 credits)
Industrial Engineering Techniques and Methods (ISE318) 3
Electricity and Electronic (EIE2302) 3
Elective 2* 3
Design and Manufacturing Group Project (IC2123) – cont’d 3
*ElectivesSelect TWO from the following subjects
ISE246 Introduction to Logistics Engineering
ISE247 Fundamental of Enterprise Systems
ISE3002 Planning of Production and Service Systems
ISE330 Product Safety and Reliability
ISE3006 Materials and Processes Selection
ENG3003 Engineering Management

# General University Requirements (GUR) The pattern for GUR subjects are indicative only. Students may take these subjects according to their own schedule.


(Programme Document)

Career Prospects

Higher Diploma in Industrial and Systems Engineering



SAE Magnetics (Hong Kong) Limited
Module Production Materials Control 2-Supervisor II


Prof. Sandy To, Programme Leader




Ms Becky Chan