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JUPAS Code: JS3571 (Previous JUPAS Code: JS3521)

EEM Leaflet 20170929

Integration: Making use of the best of both worlds: Engineering and Business


Enterprises are organizations, industrial and commercial, that shape the economy of the modern world.  They include all types of organizations, such as business companies, manufacturing firms, airlines, banks, government departments, etc.


Enterprise Engineering involves a family of scientific methods and tools which focuses on designing and changing enterprises, their processes and systems.  Management can be defined as the art of getting things done through people.  It is the process of leading and directing an organization, such as a business enterprise, through deployment and manipulation of resources.


The integration of enterprise engineering and management, together with the application of internet and information technology, provides the principles, practice, tools and technology to enable an organization to effectively manage its resources, achieve competitive advantages, deliver quality products and services, and meet customer expectations and demands.


Aims of the programme

The EEM programme aims to provide students with comprehensive education and professional training at honours degree level for enterprise engineers who are competent to design and run complete "enterprises", distinguishing them from other engineering professionals. Our definition of enterprise includes all types of organizations, such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, government departments, and manufacturing firms.

Programme Details


4 years (full-time)

No. of Credits

121 (plus 6 IC training credits)

Year 1

(33 credits)

Semester 1(18 credits)
Healthy Lifestyle# 0
CAR I# 3
English I (LCR I)# 3
Leadership & Intra-Personal Development# 3
Information Technology (ENG2003) 3
Basic Mathematics I - Calculus and Probability & Statistics (AMA1110) 3
Freshman Seminar for Engineering (ENG1003) 3
Semester 2(15 credits)
Healthy Lifestyle# – cont'd 0
English II (LCR II)# 3
Introduction to Enterprise Computing (ISE2001) 3
Introduction to Logistics Engineering (ISE246) 3
Fundamental of Enterprise Systems (ISE247) 3

Year 2

(30 credits and 3 IC training credits)

Semester 1(18 credits)
Chinese Communication# (LCR III) 3
Management and Organization (MM2021) 3
Introduction to Marketing (MM2711) 3
Engineering Economics (AF3625) 3
Technology and Applications of E-Business Systems (ISE328) 3
Semester 2(12 credits + 2 IC training credits)
Accounting for Decision Making (AF2111) 3
Human Resources Management (MM3111) 3
Enterprise System Modeling and Design (ISE375) 3
Computer Tools in Resources Planning and Analysis (IC2129) 2 IC training credits

Year 3

(31 credits and 3 IC training credits)

Semester 1(15 credits + 1.5 IC training credits)
Industrial Engineering Techniques and Methods (ISE318) 3
Quality Engineering (ISE369) 3
Planning for Production and Services Systems (ISE3002) 3
Service-Learning# 3
Free Elective 1* 3
Integrated Project (IC3103) 1.5 IC training credits
Semester 2(16 credits + 1.5 IC training credits)
Professional Communication in English (ELC3521) 2
Professional Communication in Chinese (CBS3241P) 2
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ISE376) 3
Operations Research I (ISE3001) 3
Knowledge Management Systems and Application (ISE3005) 3
Business Process Management (ISE457) 3
Integrated Project (IC3103) - cont'd 1.5 IC training credits

Year 4

(27 credits and 1 IC training credit)

Semester 1(15 credits + 1 IC training credit)
Free Elective 2* 3
Strategic Management (MM4311) 3
Enterprise Resources Planning (ISE4004) 3
Integrative Studies in Enterprise System and Management (ISE4006) 3
Individual Project (ISE4008) 3
ERP Advanced (IC2126) 1 IC training credit
Semester 2(12 credits)
Society and the Engineer (ENG3004)   watch video icon 3
Project Management (ENG4001) 3
Engineering Costing and Evaluation (ISE431) 3
Individual Project (ISE4008) – cont'd 3

# General University Requirements (GUR) The pattern for GUR subjects are indicative only. Students may take these subjects according to their own schedule.

* Students can take free electives offered by ISE or other departments.


Definitive Programme Document

DPD 2017/18


Career Prospects

Cheung Chung Man, Ivan

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
Information System Department, Asia
Project Manager

Wong Wing Sze, Vincy

Unilever Hong Kong Limited
Customer Development Department
Assistant Customer Marketing Category Manager

student Fu Tsz Yeung Kenneth resize 1

Mr Fu Tsz Yeung Kenneth

Assistant Manager (Business Process Design Management Team)
HSBC Securities Services

student Heaton Reggie Lewis resize 1

Mr Heaton Reggie Lewis

Manager, Product Management & Business Alliance
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd

student Chen Na Cheryl resize 1

Ms Chen Na Cheryl

Application and System Support Engineer
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)



Graduates of our programme undertake a wide range of jobs in the commercial and industrial sectors, such as public utilities and service organizations. Their careers lead to managerial positions with responsibility for areas such as business process management and operation re-design. Some typical examples of job positions are:

  • Management Trainee
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Executive
  • Business Analyst/Trainee
  • E-Commerce Technologist/ Designer
  • Customer Relations Officer
  • Information Officer/Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Account Executive
  • Logistics Officer
  • E-Procurement Engineer
  • Technology Manager
  • E-Marketing Engineer

Some of our EEM students work in prestigious companies after graduation.

Student Messages



student Chan Kam Wai Sam resize1

Mr Chan Kam Wai Sam
Management Trainee
DHL Global Forwarding (Hong Kong) Limited

There is no doubt that EEM programme helped me to gain advantages in the highly competitive job market. I have applied professional knowledge learnt in the programme, such as project management and strategic management, and it in fact helped me to deal with various challenges and management issues in the organization, with confidence.

student Heaton Reggie Lewis

Mr Heaton Reggie Lewis
Manager, Product Management & Business Alliance
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd

I am sure no single program can provide you with all with the necessary knowledge for your career, but EEM equips you with the skills to take up challenges. Flexibility of the program also allows you to spare time for internships, exchanges and other interests, and I am sure you will enjoy a fruitful university life with EEM.

student Chen Na Cheryl

Ms Chen Na Cheryl
Application and System Support Engineer
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)

My study background has greatly helped me in the area of online marketing strategies, workflow management, business intelligence, information systems and project management. The skills I learnt are very practical and can be applied to many industries and various types of jobs.

student Fu Tsz Yeung Kenneth

Mr Fu Tsz Yeung Kenneth
Assistant Manager (Business Process Design Management Team)
HSBC Securities Services

EEM provided all-rounded academic training that enlightened my thinking method and enriched my industrial based learning experience. I am able to apply the professional knowledge acquired, such as project planning and business process reengineering, for identifying business needs, providing improvement suggestions, and building up enhancements for my department.


Dr Carman Lee, Programme Leader



Ms Tiffany Lam



Academic Advising for 4-year Undergraduate Programmes