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JUPAS Code: JS3557 (Previous JUPAS Code: JS3404)PEM Leaflet 201910 Page 1

Technology advancement and globalization continues to create business opportunities for new products and services.  Many Hong Kong companies have the advantage in the original design manufacturing and original brand manufacturing business because of our efficient communication infrastructure and excellence in marketing. This leads to a substantial demand for professionals to design and develop new products, such as smart home appliances, healthcare devices, and other high-end consumer products.


Product Engineering with Marketing (PEM) addresses the identification of market needs, generation of creative ideas, realization of product concepts, and the growth of customer bases.  Product and Marketing Engineers analyze the market situation and competitive environment, identifying market needs and converting them into new products that satisfy customer needs.


Aims of the programme

The PEM programme aims to provide students with comprehensive education and professional training at honours degree level for preparing professionals who are competent in product design and marketing. 


Professional Recognition

The programme has been granted full accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) as a professional engineering degree programme recognized by other Washington Accord signatories.  The Washington Accord is an international agreement between bodies responsible for accrediting engineering degree programmes.  Currently, it has 20 signatories, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Programme Details


4 years (full-time)

No. of Credits

124 credits (plus 10 IC training credits)

Students may be required to take an extra subject in physics depending on their entry qualifications to meet the graduation requirement.


Year 1

(33 credits + 4 IC training credits)

Semester 1(18 credits + 2 IC training credits)
Healthy Lifestyle# 0
English I (LCR I)# 3
CAR I# 3
Leadership and Intra-personal Development# 3
Basic Mathematics I - Calculus and Probability and Statistics (AMA1110) 3
Physics I (AP10005) 3
Freshman Seminar for Engineering# (ENG1003) 3
Engineering Communication and Fundamentals (IC2105) 2 IC training credits
Semester 2(15 credits + 2 IC training credits)
Healthy Lifestyle# 0
English II (LCR II)# 3
Information Technology (ENG2003) 3
Basic Mathematics II - Calculus and Linear Algebra (AMA1120) 3
Physics II (AP10006) 3
Engineering Communication and Fundamentals (IC2105) - cont'd 2 IC training credits


Year 2

(33 credits + 3 IC training credits)

Semester 1(18 credits)
Chinese Communication (LCR III)# 3
Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering (ENG2001) / Chemistry / Biology 3
Mathematics I (AMA2111) 3
Engineering Economics (AF3625) 3
Quality Engineering (ISE369) 3
Semester 2(15 credits + 3 IC training credits)
Elective I* 3
Introduction to Marketing (MM2711) 3
Electricity and Electronics (EIE2302) 3
Society and the Engineer (ENG3004)   watch video icon 3
Appreciation of Manufacturing Technologies (IC2121) 3 IC training credits


Year 3

(28 credits + 3 IC training credits)

Semester 1(15 credits + 1.5 IC training credits)
Instrumentation and Product Testing (ISE204) 3
Introduction to Industrial Design (SD348) 3
Integrated Design for Manufacture (ISE386) 3
Marketing Research (MM3761) 3
Integrated Product Engineering Project I (ISE3007) 3
Integrated Project (IC3103) 1.5 IC training credits
Semester 2(13 credits + 1.5 IC training credits)
Engineering Management (ENG3003) 3
Professional Communication in English for Engineering Students (ELC3531) 2
Professional Communication in Chinese (CLC3241P) 2
Tool Design (ISE306) 3
Service Learning# 3
Integrated Project (IC3103) - cont'd 1.5 IC training credits


Year 4

(30 credits)

Semester 1(15 credits)
New Product Planning and Development (ISE430) 3
Global Marketing (MM4732) 3
Elective II* 3
Computer-Aided Product Design (ISE418) 3
Capstone Project (ISE445) 3
Semester 2(15 credits)
Business to Business Marketing (MM4711) 3
Product Safety and Reliability (ISE330) 3
Eco-design and Manufacture (ISE4005) 3
Elective III* 3
Capstone Project (ISE445) - cont'd 3


*ElectivesSelect any TWO from the following subjects

Total Quality Management


Advanced Manufacturing Technology


Marketing Management in China

MM4782 Sales and Distribution Management

Design in Business for Engineering


Sustainable Product Design

# General University Requirements (GUR) The pattern for GUR subjects are indicative only. Students may take these subjects according to their own schedule.


(Programme Document)


Career Prospects

BEng (Hons) in Product Engineering with Marketing 

student WONG Lai Vox resize 1

Miss WONG Ka Lai Vox

Product and Project Management Executive

GP Electronics (HK) Limited


student LAM Ho Lok Cola resize 2

Mr Lam Ho Lok Cola

Lead Consultant, Intelligent Robotics System

Hong Kong Productivity Council


student Li Tung Yat Olaf resize 1

Mr Li Tung Yat Olaf

Marketing Engineer

Cozy Life Ltd.


student Cheung Siu Lai resize 1

Miss Cheung Siu Lai

Senior Product Engineer

Global Dispensing Ltd


Our fresh graduates work in well-established organizations, such as Mattel, Parsons Brinckerhoff, BMW, Gibson Innovations, Daikin, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Gas, and Hong Kong Productivity Council. Some typical examples of job positions are:

  • Product Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Management Trainee
  • Marketing Engineer
  • Marketing Executive

Some of our PEM graduates pursue Master or Doctoral degree programmes in local or overseas universities based on their interest and career aspiration.

Student Messages

student WONG Lai Vox

Miss WONG Ka Lai Vox
Product and Project Management Executive
GP Electronics (HK) Limited

My current job is fully in line with my learning experience in PEM which equipped me with a comprehensive mindset of the product creation process, from market research, ideation, product definition, product development, to production. The programme also provided me with lots of chances to practice project management skills, including project planning, resources allocation, team working, etc. All of these experiences and skills significantly facilitate my progress in this career path!

 Li ung Yat Olaf

Mr Li Tung Yat Olaf
Marketing Engineer
Cozy Life Ltd.

PEM has equipped me with a solid foundation of product engineering knowledge and a collection of marketing tools and soft skills, enabling me as a marketing engineer to perform engineering project management, system innovation and problem solving, product marketing, etc. The skillset also assists my committee service in the IET, where I grow my network of engineering friends. Thanks, PEM!

student LAM Ho Lok Cola 2

Mr Lam Ho Lok Cola
Lead Consultant, Intelligent Robotics System
Hong Kong Productivity Council

I am the Team Head of Intelligent Robotics System. Our team deliver projects related to warehouse management system, robotic applications and intelligent automation solutions. The PEM programme has equipped me with comprehensive knowledge about product development and manufacturing technology. The treasurable things in the PEM program are the practical experience in the Industrial Center and learning how to learn. It helps me to be well prepared for my career development.

Cheung Siu Lai

Miss Cheung Siu Lai
Senior Product Engineer 
Global Dispensing Ltd

The PEM programme has many unique features. The training I received in an international company for the internship programme inspired me a lot and allowed me to see my career direction. The knowledge I learnt from the PEM programme, strengthened my problem solving and practical skills, greatly helping me in my current job.



Prof. C.Y. Tang, Programme Leader




Ms Becky Chan




Academic Advising for 4-year Undergraduate Programmes