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香港理工大學與萊茵科斯特簽約共建智能製造聯合實驗室 PolyU and Rhein-Köster Setup a Joint Laboratory in Smart Manufacturing

31 Oct, 2023

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Mentoring the Next Generation: PolyU Scholars Guide High School Students in Developing a Metaverse Virtual Environment in the Junior Research Mentorship Program

5 Sep, 2023

Staff Achievement


ISE innovations honoured internationally at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

4 May, 2023

Research | Staff Achievement


Mainland government's awards to PolyU and Prof. KL Yung

1 Dec, 2022

Staff Achievement


PolyU Scientist Dr Ren Jingzheng Wins the 2022 APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education

1 Dec, 2022

Staff Achievement | Research


Camera Pointing System for China’s Lunar Exploration Missions (Chang'e 3 and 4) honoured at 2022 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days

9 Jun, 2022

Staff Achievement | Research

Top 50 Global AI Young Chinese Scholars by Baidu Academic

Dr Pai Zheng was selected as one of the Top 50 Global AI Young Chinese Scholars 華人青年學者榜 (AI+X) as released by Baidu Academic

20 May, 2022

Staff Achievement


State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology featured on RTHK TV programme

12 Apr, 2022

Staff Achievement

20220325-Website  RIAM partners with Allite on alloy RD

RIAM partners with Allite on alloy R&D 先進製造研究院與鼎泰國際開展ALLITE超級鎂合金研究項目

25 Mar, 2022

Staff Achievement

20211229-4_ Ir Prof Winco Yung

PolyU and University of Maryland from the US, jointly established the Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety (CAiRS) Combining AI and innovative technologies to improve product safety and system reliability 理大聯同美國馬里蘭大學(UMD)共同設立產品可靠性暨系統安全研發中心 CAiRS)揉合AI及創新技術提升產品安全及系統可靠性

29 Dec, 2021

Research | Staff Achievement


Congratulations to Dr Eric Tsui and Dr Carman Lee on receiving the Platinum Award in the Best Pandemic response ELearning design of the 2021 LearnX Live! Award

17 Nov, 2021

Staff Achievement


13 Members Ranked in World's Top 2% of Scientists by Citations

7 Jun, 2021

Staff Achievement | Research


PolyU contributes to the Nation’s first Mars mission with multidisciplinary research 理大跨學科專家貢獻國家首個火星探測任務

Two research teams at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) contributed to the Nation’s first Mars exploration project Tianwen-1. By harnessing their extensive experience in the field of aerospace science and technology, as well as their commitment to research excellence, PolyU researchers played a vital role in the Tianwen-1 mission, in collaboration with the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST). Professor WU Bo helped identify possible landing regions with advanced topographic mapping and geomorphological analysis technologies. Professor YUNG Kai-leung developed a sophisticated space instrument, the “Mars Landing Surveillance Camera (Mars Camera)”, for capturing images of the surroundings of the Red Planet and monitoring the status of the Zhurong Mars rover.

22 May, 2021

Staff Achievement | Research


PolyU-made space instruments complete lunar sampling for Chang’e 5 (理大研發太空儀器成功為嫦娥五號完成表土採樣)

8 Dec, 2020

Research | Staff Achievement


PolyU develops space instruments for the Nation’s first lunar sample return mission (理大為國家首個月球採樣返回任務研發太空儀器)

25 Nov, 2020

Research | Staff Achievement


Advanced laser manufacturing to enhance protection of surgical masks and N95 respirators against COVID-19

13 Jul, 2020

Research | Staff Achievement


ISE won the “Equipment and Machinery Design Award” in the 2019 Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI)

5 Dec, 2019

Staff Achievement


ISE won the “Media Choice Innovation Award” in Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award 2019

4 Oct, 2019

Staff Achievement


Research team develop VR systems for medical purposes

26 Aug, 2019

Staff Achievement | Research


Congratulations to Prof. Eric Tsui on receiving the Excellence Award on ELearning by the World Education Congress

26 Jul, 2019

Staff Achievement


ISE innovations honoured internationally at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (ISE科研揚威日內瓦國際發明展)

26 Apr, 2019

Research | Staff Achievement


ISE team have developed a smart warehousing system to meet the needs of Industry 4.0

4 Apr, 2019

Research | Staff Achievement


ISE won the 2018 HK Awards for Industries - Equipment and Machinery Design Certification of Merit

1 Feb, 2019

Research | Staff Achievement


PolyU provides multi-disciplinary support to the nation’s historic landing on the far side of the Moon 理大動員跨學科專家支持國家歷史性登陸月背任務

12 Jan, 2019

Research | Staff Achievement


Celebrating success: ISE won the ‘Gold Award’ and ‘Outstanding Automation Award’ in The 8th Hong Kong Innovation Technology Achievement Awards Ceremony 2018

13 Dec, 2018

Research | Staff Achievement


PolyU develops state-of-the-art tool and technology to support the nation’s lunar probe 理大研發先進儀器和尖端技術支持國家的月球探測項目

12 Dec, 2018

Research | Staff Achievement

Congratulations to Prof. Eric Tsui on scooping LearnX Impact Awards

3 Dec, 2018

Staff Achievement


ISE won the "Gold Award" and "Excellent of Automation Invention Award" in the Asia International Innovation Invention Award and Exhibition 2018

8 Nov, 2018

Research | Staff Achievement


PolyU and the China Academy of Space Technology to jointly develop a Mars camera for the nation’s first Mars probe (理大與中國空間技術研究院合作研製火星探測器的「落火狀態監視相機」)

22 Aug, 2018

Research | Staff Achievement


Congratulations to ISE RFID team on winning the second place of the IEOM Poster Presentation Competition Award in the 2nd IEOM European Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

3 Aug, 2018

Research | Staff Achievement


Congratulations to ISE RFID team on winning the Outstanding Paper Award in the 12th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (ICOSCM 2018)

18 Jul, 2018

Research | Staff Achievement


ISE innovations honoured internationally at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (ISE科研揚威日內瓦國際發明展)

16 Apr, 2018

Research | Staff Achievement


Congratulations to ISE knowledge management team on receiving The Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Business Excellence, Romania

23 Mar, 2018

Staff Achievement | Research | Student Achievement


Prof. Eric Tsui receives the “Global Knowledge Management Leadership Award 2018”

28 Feb, 2018

Staff Achievement


ISE Student develops the most energy-efficient LED filament lamps (ISE學生研發最省電 LED 燈絲燈)

8 Mar, 2017

Research | Staff Achievement | Student Achievement

ISE received the Outstanding Professional Service Awards 2016

14 Feb, 2017

Research | Staff Achievement

ISE won the 1st runner-up in the Most Favourite PolyU Research News of 2016

16 Jan, 2017

Research | Staff Achievement

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