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When you enter the PolyU as a newcomer, you are likely to find it is full of new and challenging activities.

If you are facing questions and concerns on the following issues:

  • your intellectual, professional and personal goals;
  • your study plan and selection of appropriate subject to achieve your goals;
  • clarification of academic regulations and requirements;
  • special learning needs;
  • early signs of learning problems, etc.

 Please "come" and seek "advice" from our academic advisors. They will provide you with timely feedback, accurate guidance, and sincere support.

Meeting your Academic Advisors

The ISE Department will provide an academic advisory service for students admitted under its undergraduate and higher diploma programmes. The academic advisors, together with their contact information are listed below in the following table and will stay with you until you graduate.

2018-19 cohort

Schemes / ProgrammesProgramme LeadersAcademic Advisors
BEng (Hons) Scheme in Product and Industrial Engineering (45498)

Prof. CY Tang, 27666608


Dr Gary Tsui, 34003254

Dr YM Tang, 34003940, yukming.tang@polyu.edu.hk


Dr KM Yu, 27666603, km.yu@polyu.edu.hk


Prof. CY Tang, 27666608, cy.tang@polyu.edu.hk


Prof. KC Chan, 27664981, kc.chan@polyu.edu.hk


Prof. Ji Ping, 27666631, p.ji@polyu.edu.hk


Dr PC Chen, 27664976, pc.chen@polyu.edu.hk

BSc (Hons) Scheme in Logistics and Enterprise Engineering (45499)

Dr KL Choy, 27666597


Dr Carman Lee, 34003899

Dr Roy Law, 27666607, roy.law@polyu.edu.hk


Prof. Winco Yung, 27666599, wincokc.yung@poly.edu.hk


Dr Velvet Chen,34003900, velvet.chen@polyu.edu.hk


Dr WS Yeung, 27664977, ws.yeung@polyu.edu.hk


Dr Xusheng Yang, 27666604, xsyang@polyu.edu.hk


Dr Carman Lee, 34003899, ckm.lee@polyu.edu.hk

BSc (Hons) in Aviation Operations and Systems (45497)

Dr Nick Chung, 34003790

Dr WY Park, 27666578, woo-yong.park@polyu.edu.hk


Mr Martin Mak, 27666310, hf.mak@polyu.edu.hk


Dr XU Min, 27666593, minn.xu@polyu.edu.hk

Higher Diploma in Industrial and Systems Engineering (45386)

Prof. Sandy To, 27666587

Prof. Sandy To, 27666587, sandy.to@polyu.edu.hk


Dr CY Chan, 27664980, cy.chan@polyu.edu.hk



Departmental Orientation Day (28 August 2018): this is held before the commencement of each academic year.

Before Subject Registration at each Semester: Academic Advisors will discuss matters arising from subject registration. Students can meet their advisors upon request.

During the Semester: students can contact their advisors freely via e-mail or any other means to seek academic advice related to their studies.



Students will be informed of the academic advising system at the orientation meeting and via email.


Your role

Your active participation is crucial in the academic advisory support we provide to you and it will help you fulfill your study goals with respect to the following issues.

Understand the Academic Regulations and the requirements of your chosen program of study and/or its Major, as well as the General University Requirements (GUR);

Actively obtain information, seek advisors and resources on a regular basis as and when needed;

Take final responsibility for making decisions and choices regarding your academic study based on information and advice given.

Ms Rita Wong, Undergraduate Secretary, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

2766 7943