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KTEO facilitates closer collaboration between industry and PolyU through:

  • Technology Transfer and Commercialisation

    KTEO assumes the front line role of technology transfer activities for commercialisation, leveraging the robust licensing and consultancy operations under the ISO-certified PolyU Technology and Consultancy Company Limited (PTeC).
  • Entrepreneurship Development

    KTEO helps to make PolyU a truly unique organisation of its kind for entrepreneurship development in both academic and business arenas by fostering "Do Well, Do Good" entrepreneurial culture in the University and the community.
  • Technology Marketing

    KTEO promotes the University’s expertise and research output thus facilitating commercialisation through technology packaging and marketing, promotional campaigns as well as various marketing activities. It also strives to enhance public awareness of PolyU’s contribution in advancing the technological development for the betterment of our world.
  • Industrial Networking

    To create more opportunities for knowledge transfer, KTEO forges a close relationship with industry by leveraging PolyU’s self-developed strategic outreach platforms such as CEO Club as well as expanding the University’s networks with the business and academic communities.
  • Corporate Development and Training

    KTEO provides professional services in management consultancy, customised training for corporations, executive development, and entrepreneurial development in focused areas. Our expertise in developing and managing training programmes is the basis for achieving out-of-classroom entrepreneurship education objectives with participants ranging from university students to corporate executives.
Technology transfer and commercialization Entrepreneurship development Corporate development and training