Key Visual:

    Representing PolyU and our industrial partners respectively, the brushstrokes in red and purple form into a pair of S’s, symbolizing their partnership for Success and Sustainability, the major pursuits of IfE. Meanwhile, these vigorous strokes, resembling a pair of koi fish wriggling upstream, vividly portray our energy, courage, stamina, determination and perseverance.

    The smaller silver stroke in the middle represents IfE, which acts as the catalyst for such partnership and bridges the gap between the two, providing them with an effective channel for communication, sharing, exchange and collaboration.

    With a little more imagination, you will discover “IfE” cleverly hidden in the image: The red stroke looks like an “I”; the purple stroke and the purple tagline “Success & Sustainability” together become an “f”; while the silver stroke and the silver text “Partnering for” yield an “E”.

As a dedicated partner of business, industry and the community, PolyU is committed to creating and transferring technology and knowhow with application value to the wider world in various ways. In pursuit of knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship, the Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE) was established to serve as an important platform to forge closer links between academics and business for their mutual benefits. By harnessing the expertise and resources of the University, IfE provides a wide range of services, facilitating entrepreneurship development as well as assisting industry to create innovative products and strengthen the competitive edge of enterprises in the global marketplace.

Our Mission:

  • To reinforce the University’s leadership position in transferring knowledge and expertise to the industrial and commercial sectors
  • To foster innovation and entrepreneurial culture in the University and the community
  • To strengthen university-industry partnership locally, in the Chinese mainland and worldwide

Our Services:

IfE facilitates closer collaboration between industry and PolyU through:
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization
    IfE assumes the front line role of technology transfer activities for commercialization, leveraging on the robust licensing and consultancy operations under the ISO-certified PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co. Limited (PTeC).
  • Entrepreneurship Development
    IfE helps to make PolyU a truly unique organization of its kind for entrepreneurship development in both academic and business arenas by fostering "Do Well, Do Good" entrepreneurial culture in the University and the community.
  • Technology Marketing
    IfE promotes the University’s expertise and research output thus facilitating commercialization through technology packaging and marketing, joint promotional campaign with partners as well as various marketing activities.
  • Industrial Networking
    To create more opportunities for knowledge transfer, IfE forges a close relationship with industry by leveraging PolyU’s self-developed strategic outreach platforms such as CEO Club as well as expanding the University’s networks with the business and academic community.
  • Corporate Development and Training
    IfE provides professional services in management consultancy, customized training for corporations, executive development, and entrepreneurial development in focused areas. Our expertise in developing and managing training programs is the basis for achieving out-of-classroom entrepreneurship education objectives with participants ranging from university students to corporate executives.

Our Organization Structure:

IfE’s mission can be achieved by the concerted efforts of the three divisions:
  • Technology Transfer, Commercialization & Entrepreneurship Division
  • Technology Marketing & Industrial Networking Division
  • Corporate Development & Training Division



PolyU Keen in Establishing Partnerships with Indurstry

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a higher education institution (HEI) that aspires to be outstanding in all aspects of education, research as well as partnership, thereby painting a better future for Hong Kong, China and the whole world. To attain excellent partnerships, the University is committed to setting up, maintaining and ever strengthening university-industry collaborations with strategic partners in the commercial and industrial sectors.

These collaborations have woven a strong base on which the University’s fruitful accomplishments in basic and applied research are effectively shared and transferred, enabling our innovations and technologies with high impact and great practical value are able to benefit industry and the community, eventually touching all walks of life.

The Institute for Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in such partnerships. On the one hand, it is committed to promoting PolyU’s research outcomes and expertise to facilitate commercialization. By joining hands with partners in various promotional campaigns and marketing activities, the Institute strives to package and market mature projects with potential to business and commercial sectors. On the other hand, the Institute also aims to forge closer relationships with business and industry to maximize opportunities for knowledge transfer, often leveraging outreach platforms such as the CEO Club that were strategically developed by the University.

In the year 2013/14, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University entered into more than 40 licensing agreements, Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), or non-disclosure agreements for its proprietary knowledge and applied technologies, reflecting our successful efforts in establishing university-industry collaborations. In the year 2014/15, our industry partners which signed strategic collaborative agreements with PolyU included Kinex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Avalon Nanofibre Limited.

We also collaborated with notable institutions to develop advanced inventions and innovations that will benefit the community. For instance, PolyU continuously partnered with the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) and gave birth to the Camera Pointing System to be deployed in the nation’s 2013 lunar exploration mission.