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UDS Guideline for Students

1. Introduction

• UDS is the software platform which allows students to remote access the computers of Industrial Centre.

• Therefore students can use various software like Powerlogic, Solidworks, regardless of the student’s own PC capability. All you need is a stable internet connection.

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2. Things to prepare

• Computer with a Mouse:UDS Image02

Get a computer with a traditional mouse (Left, right buttons and scrolling knob). This kind of mouse is necessary for many software like Solidworks, Powerlogic, etc. Special mouses like gaming mouse are not recommended.

• A Good & Stable Network:

Please make sure your computer is connected to a good and stable network. If possible, use LAN connection.

• Close all unused software

3. Getting Started

Step 1 - Enter the link in CHROME browser :
Note: if you connect overseas, please install VPN and setup VPN connection before access to UDS.

Step 2 - The following login page will be shown. Please enter your mail account and then your password.
UDS Image03

Step 3 -After successful login, please select the right room for the computer access.
Do NOT select “Instructor”.
UDS Image04

Step 4 -After selecting the room, your browser will show the desktop of the remote PC.
Now you can use the PC remotely!
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4. Things to Remember

• Save your work regularly in P drive

Please use your own network drive P: to save your work by clicking this shortcut. Then enter your ID number and net-password. Do NOT use local drive. Otherwise, you may lose your work! UDS Image06

• Always Sign Out after use

Always “Sign out” in Windows toolbar before you leave by clicking the account icon. DO NOT SHUT DOWN! UDS Image07

• If you cannot connect to the computer room……

Please give your ID to instructor to fix for you.

5. Quick Checklist

• Open the login page at by Chrome browser.

• If you are connected overseas, please enable VPN first.

• Login by using your PolyU email address in form of

• Ensure a good and stable internet connection.

• Run at MS-Windows 10 or MacOS computer with a traditional mouse.

• Close all unused software in your PC.

• Save your work regularly in P drive.

• Sign out after use.

6. APPENDIX: Need Help from Instructors – Using "Quick Assist"

In case you have problems with your work, don’t be panic. Instructor can assist you by remote controlling your UDS PC via “Quick Assist” of Windows: UDS Image08

Step 1 - Raise your need in TEAMS chat and instructor will start to use Quick Assist to access your UDS PC.

Step 2 - Then your UDS PC will appear this box and please click "Allow". UDS Image09

Step 3 - After that, you need to enter a code provided by instructor, which will be sent via TEAMS chat. Then invoke “Share Screen”.

Step 4 - The instructor can then remote control your UDS PC UDS Image10

7. For enquiry concerning UDS Service

(852) 2766 7635