Confirmation of Registration

An RPg student is regarded as provisionally registered for the degree of MPhil or PhD before the Confirmation of Registration is completed. Subject to a formal assessment, an RPg student is required to have his/her registration confirmed before the deadline.

An RPg student having his/her registration confirmed will be admitted to the candidacy for the MPhil or PhD degree. If he/she fails to have his/her registration confirmed by the deadline, he/she will be de-registered from the RPg programme immediately.

Confirmation of Registration consists of:

  1. submission of a written report;
  2. a presentation to the Assessment Panel and other attendees (as appropriate)*; and
  3. an oral defence of the research proposal.

An RPg student should follow the procedures to apply for the Confirmation of Registration.

* The D/SRC can determine whether the presentation is open to the staff and students of the Department/School or not.