Roles and Responsibilities of Graduate School Board (GSB)

GSB is responsible for formulating different policies, guidelines and procedures relating to RPg studies.

According to the Terms of Reference, the GSB is responsible for the following RPg student matters:

  1. To be accountable to Senate for RPg education matters.
  2. To review and formulate RPg education policies and regulations for approval by Senate and to oversee their implementation.
  3. To make decisions on proposals on special cases (i.e. those which do not conform with the approved regulations) of RPg student admission, registration, assessment and graduation.
  4. To monitor the progress, examination and graduation of RPg students, with the support of Faculty Research Committees, School Research Committees, and Departmental Research Committees.
  5. To confirm examination and assessment results for RPg degrees.
  6. To examine and approve academic awards for RPg degrees.
  7. To endorse new initiatives in relation to RPg education in the University, for Senate’s approval, where necessary.
  8. To allocate budgets to various funding schemes related to RPg students and to allocate Postgraduate Scholarships or other fellowships to Faculties, Schools and Departments.
  9. To monitor the support services provided for research students and their supervisors.
  10. To submit an annual report to Senate covering the School Board's activities for the previous 12 months from 1st July to 30th June.

The list of GSB Chair and Members is available at