Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty Research Committee/School Board (FRC/SB)

According to the Terms of Reference, the FRC/SB is responsible for the following RPg student matters:

  1. To allocate resources where such are assigned by the Graduate School Board (GSB).
  2. To provide a forum for discussion and debate of issues of significance relating to RPg studies.
  3. To foster an active atmosphere of research in the Faculty/School and to promote further development in line with the policy of PolyU.
  4. To keep under review development, policies and regulations regarding RPg studies and make recommendations accordingly to the GSB.
  5. To submit reports to the GSB (via the Faculty Board for FRCs) on the development, progress and quality of RPg studies in the Faculty/School, when required.
  6. To deal with any other matters as stipulated in the RPg Student Handbook.

The list of FRC/SB Chairs is available at