Roles and Responsibilities of an RPg Student

Relating to RPg Degree Regulations and Postgraduate Scholarship

  1. An RPg student must comply with the all regulations for the RPg Programme offered by PolyU accordingly;
  2. An RPg student must comply with all conditions attached to the award of the Postgraduate Scholarship including the fulfilment of any departmental duties as prescribed by the Head of Department (HoD)/Dean of School (DoS) in consultation with the supervisor;
  3. An RPg student should ensure that all requirements for the RPg programme are met (e.g., residency, coursework, etc.) according to the Programme Document issued by his/her host department; and
  4. An RPg student should submit a grammatically correct thesis in the approved language. (This may require the RPg student to undertake remedial English instruction.)

Communication with Supervisor

  1. An RPg student should ensure there is a clear understanding of the communication mechanisms and the frequency of research guidance meetings with the supervisor (usually meetings are more frequent at the start and near completion of the research programme);
  2. An RPg student should always be well prepared for meetings with the supervisor. He/She should prepare an agenda of topics to be discussed; and

  3. An RPg student should speak to the supervisor immediately when potential problems (including personal ones) arise. If the situation cannot be resolved, he/she should seek advice from the PolyU in the following order:

    Departmental/School Research Committee Chair > Head of Department/Dean of School > Faculty Research Committee/School Board Chair > Graduate School Board Chair

    (Details of their roles can be found here.)


  1. A Full-time (FT) RPg student should normally be in PolyU during normal working hours unless he/she has obtained prior approval for the research to be done elsewhere;
  2. An RPg student must keep abreast of and observe the appropriate safety guidelines within the PolyU; and
  3. An RPg student should maintain the highest standard of ethics in research as elaborated in PolyU’s Code of Ethics for Research. The following is a list of acts that are considered to be serious acts of misconduct:
    1. Falsification of data and/or research results (fraud);
    2. Use by one person of another’s work without due acknowledgment (plagiarism);
    3. Use by one person of confidential information, supplied by another, in an unauthorised manner (breach of confidentiality);
    4. Issue of a misleading publication or the fraudulent filing of a patent application; for example:
      • giving or receiving honorary authorship or inventorship;
      • denying legitimate authorship/inventorship;
      • allowing publication with co-authorship without reviewing the work;
      • publication of research results for a second time without reference to the first;
      • listing of co-authorship without knowledge by the co-author.


  • All newly-registered RPg students should attend a mandatory orientation session which is designed to introduce them to PolyU and the facilities offered by PolyU for their studies.