Other Services


Service Units


  • Personal PolyU NetID
  • Email service and University Portal
  • High performance computing platform
  • Student Computer Centre
  • IT HelpCentre and Hotline Services
  • University’s Common Learning Management System
  • Network connection on and off campus
  • Advanced research networks
  • mySystem / myPolyUWeb / mySurvey

Information Technology Services Office (ITS)


  • Facilities and services to facilitate students’ learning and research
  • Information on conducting research
  • Sharpening research skills
  • Finding research materials
  • Research Enhancement Centre (REC)
  • Research Lounge
  • Loan of library materials
  • Borrowing and copyright regulations

Pao Yue-kong Library


  • Personal Counselling Services
  • Scholarships and student financial assistance schemes
  • Student amenities, sports facilities and student halls of residence
  • Student development programmes and physical education programmes
  • Services to students with disabilities
  • Career prospects for graduates
  • Advice and assistance to student organisations

Student Affairs Office comprising the following Sections and Unit:

  • Careers and Placement Section (CPS)
  • Counselling and Wellness Section (CWS)
  • Student Resources and Support Section (SRSS)
  • Student Development Unit (SDU)


  • Clinical consultations
  • Medication
  • First aid
  • Nursing care
  • Minor operative treatment
  • Immunization
  • Travel health consultation
  • Certification on health examination
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

University Health Service (UHS)


  • English subjects for research language skills enhancement
  • Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL)
  • Language activities including referencing skills

English Language Centre (ELC)


  • Health and safety policy
  • Environmental policy
  • General health and safety requirements
  • General laboratory safety requirements
  • Health and safety training
  • Requirements of registration for working inside a chemical/biological laboratory
  • Requirements for the operation of irradiating apparatus and the handling of radioactive substances
  • Requirements for use of high-power laser equipment
  • Research safety approval
  • Central Chemical Purchasing System
  • Advice to students in the event of an emergency

Health & Safety Office (HSO)