The PolyU has been providing research postgraduate education in Hong Kong for decades. The RPg Programmes offered by PolyU includes:

The programmes are designed in such a way to enable RPg students to acquire competence in research methods and scholarship and to display sustained independent effort and independent original thought.

The degree of MPhil/PhD shall be awarded to an RPg student who, on completion of an approved programme of study and research and on fulfilling the coursework requirements for graduation, presents a thesis embodying the results of his/her research and satisfies the examiners in an oral examination (and other examinations if required) in matters relevant to the subject of the thesis.

All RPg students are required to satisfactorily investigate or evaluate a chosen area, to show understanding of the context and significance of the work, and to present a clear, complete thesis of a quality worthy of publication. PhD/Joint PhD students are also expected to produce evidence and argument to support an original proposition that results in a significant contribution to knowledge.