Guidelines on Quotation of Affiliation in Publications

With a view to ensuring that the credit of PolyU to all publications published by its research postgraduate (RPg) students and graduates could be properly recognized, the Graduate School Board (GSB), at its 12th meeting held on 25 May 2022, agreed to implement the following guidelines on quotation of affiliation in publications.

  1. A RPg student of PolyU should quote his/her affiliation to the PolyU in all his/her publications (single-authored or multiple-authored).
  2. RPg students of Dual PhD Degree Programme and Collaborative PhD Training Programme should cite PolyU and the partner institution as their affiliations in all their publications that are directly linked to their PhD research.
  3. A RPg student of PolyU who had carried out research at another institution during attachment/ exchange would normally have a co-author from that institution, such that both institutions would appear in the publications. Therefore, he/she should quote his/her affiliation to the PolyU in all related publications.
  4. All RPg graduates of PolyU should cite PolyU as one of their institutional affiliations in their publications which are based on the work undertaken in the course of their study at PolyU.
  5. In case of doubt, PolyU RPg students and graduates should seek advice from his/her Chief Supervisor, D/SRC Chair, FRC/SB Chair and/or GS, as appropriate.