Procedures for Handling Allegation of Research Misconduct Against RPg Students
  1. The GSB Chair would set up an Independent Panel of Inquiry (IPI) when an allegation of research misconduct against an RPg student is received. The IPI should consist of the following:

    Chairman: Representative from GSB
    Members: Representative from the relevant FRC/SB
    Representative from the relevant D/SRC
     Representative from the University Community
    Secretary: Secretary of the relevant FRC/SB
    (Note: GSB Chair can choose to co-opt an expert in the relevant field as a member of the IPI if necessary.)

  2. The IPI will be required to review the allegation, to make a conclusion on the allegation and make recommendations on follow-up actions.
  3. The investigation report of alleged misconduct shall be presented to the GSB for consideration.
  4. If the GSB considers the report including the recommendations of follow-up actions appropriate, it should approve the report and pass it to the Secretary of GSB for coordination with the relevant departments/offices for implementing the approved follow-up actions. If the GSB considers that the recommendations of follow-up actions should require further deliberation, it may refer the report to the Student Discipline Committee (SDC) for deliberation and decision on the follow-up actions to be taken. The decision of the SDC shall be final within PolyU. The SDC shall return its decision to the GSB for coordination of any finalized follow-up actions.
  5. The GSB shall maintain a record of misconduct cases of research-related nature handled by the IPI including the follow-up actions. For follow-up actions that involve disciplinary actions such as warning or reprimand, a record shall normally be kept in a confidential file in GS’ central electronic filing system for further reference. As for cases of minor transgression, the IPI may recommend in its report to the GSB of the erasure of the disciplinary record after rectification or follow-up actions have been done in order not to tarnish a record of academic career.