Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) University Information Technology Facilities and Services

The AUP governs all users of the University IT resources regardless of equipment ownership or administration, whether the use is direct or indirect. You can access the AUP at


The AUP applies to all users of the University IT resources (“users”) whether affiliated with PolyU or not and to all use of these resources from on-campus or at remote locations. This Policy applies to all users of equipment owned or administered by the Information Technology Services Office (ITS), individual departments or by individuals which are connected to the University IT resources. Connection by personally owned equipment to the University IT resources requires adherence to this Policy.

RPg students should observe the following when using the University IT resources:

  • No Illegal, Harmful or Offensive Use
  • No Security Violations
  • No Network Abuse
  • No Email or Other Message Abuse


More details are available at