Student Identity Card

Upon first registration on the RPg programme, a student identity card will be issued to all RPg students. RPg students are entitled to the rights and privileges of FT or PT students, as appropriate, of PolyU for the period they are eligible to register and have duly paid the tuition and other fees (including caution money) and completed the registration procedures. The student identity card should be carried at all times while on PolyU’s premises, as it enables students to gain access to the various facilities of PolyU.

RPg students who have transferred their studies to another programme or to a different mode, i.e., from FT to PT or vice versa or are eligible to progress in their studies after the expiry date of their student identity card will be advised to exchange their current card for a new student identity card.

For transfer of study for which the issuance of a new student identity card is necessary, the student concerned will be charged a fee for the new student identity card.