Associated Money (only applicable to RPg students admitted in or before the 2021/22 cohort)
  1. RPg students admitted in or before the 2021/22 cohort (these students), irrespective of the funding source, should be provided with Associated Money during the normal period of study (with a reference amount of $20,000/year for FT RPg students and $10,000/year for PT RPg students) to support the following categories of expenses:


    1. general consumables and/or purchase of small equipment directly related to their studies;
    2. enhancement of their research capabilities and learning experience (excluding expenses on conference attendance);
    3. data collection and experiments; and
    4. publication expenses (such as editing charges or page charges) if they are the first, second or corresponding author.


  2. Associated Money can be used to purchase the following items:
    1. one computer device, either a desktop/portable computer;
    2. a keyboard and a mouse or one set of accessories that can be used to drive the computer device;
    3. personal electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, iPoD, iPad, MP3 players, digital camera/video recorders and PDAs and standard office equipment such as printers/scanners that are itemized clearly in the approved budget for the research project;
    4. computer related consumable items such as cables, memory devices, display card etc. that are directly relevant to the research project.

    For (a), under special circumstances, students may propose to purchase additional computer devices with strong justifications. Prior approval by the HoD/DoS or his/her delegate via the Chief Supervisor must be sought before the purchase. Approval for such requests should only be granted if the requested computer device(s) is(are) directly related to the specified research tasks of these students’ projects.

    For (c), students must propose the purchase of personal electronic device and standard office equipment with strong justifications and seek prior approval by the HoD/DoS or his/her delegate via the Chief Supervisor before the purchase.

    All purchases of computer and related equipment should be completed at least 3 months before thesis submission.

  3. Activities that have direct quantifiable contribution to the research
    • Examples are consumables for experiments being conducted in PolyU, field trips to gather experimental data, etc.
    • For field trips, a subsistence allowance of up to HK$800/night for meals, transportation and lodging expenses can be charged to Associated Money.

    Activities that are beneficial to the research of these students but do NOT generate quantifiable outcome

    • Examples are study trips, short courses, seminars, workshops, tutorials in conferences, etc.
    • Only the registration fees will be supported.
    • Expenses on transportation, lodging, meals, etc., will NOT be supported by the Associated Money unless the Chief Supervisor provides strong justification that the activities attended by the RPg student can generate quantifiable contribution to his/her research.

    In any case, the RPg student can be reimbursed the actual cost incurred, or the maximum approved amount, whichever is the less.


  4. To apply for field trips, study trips and/or attending short courses, seminars and workshops, please refer to the relevant section in the Handbook.

  6. The Associated Money should not be used to support non-research related activities including:
    1. honorarium, hotel accommodation and travelling expenses of guest external examiners/guest speakers;
    2. organization of student-led workshop/seminar/symposium/summer/winter schools and English/language courses by parent department;
    3. membership for joining academic associations;
    4. construction of website for dissemination of research outcome;
    5. editing fee for research thesis;
    6. provision of double incentives (i.e. a combination of any two of the following items: gifts/souvenirs/coupons/vouchers, refreshment, treatment to meals) to participants for experiments, interviews and surveys;
    7. purchase of equipment & furniture for common use in the RPg Student’s Office; and
    8. organisation of research activities promoting the productivity and publication of the research outputs of parent department.
    9. Other unallowable expenses include insurance expense (as the University has purchased the Group Travel Insurance Policy for all students travelling outside Hong Kong) and unlawful non-public transportation in Hong Kong, e.g., Uber.


  7. Items such as books, computers, etc., bought with Associated Money are university properties. They should be returned to the relevant Department after the RPg student graduates. Departments/Schools are responsible for the accounting and monitoring of these items when these students leave PolyU. Departments/Schools should establish a set of guidelines on the custody and handling of items bought with the Associated Money.
  8. All purchases and claims for expenses should be endorsed by the Chief Supervisor. Any claims for more than HK$5,000 per purchase or for specific items as stipulated in the Approval Workflow would require further approval.
  9. All purchases and claims should strictly adhere by relevant FO guidelines.
  10. These students are allowed to make use of the Associated Money up to their submission of thesis.
  11. Students can reimburse the approved expenses supported by Associated Money according to FO’s Claim Procedures. All reimbursement should be made within 3 months of the purchase/activities.