Expiry of Student Status

RPg student status ceases when the awarding of an RPg degree is ratified by the GSB.

For non-local RPg students, the GS will notify the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government (the Immigration Department) of the list of non-local graduates by submitting a “Notification of Termination of Studies” for each of the non-local graduates within seven days counting from the GSB approval date for their award.

Non-local graduates are required to leave Hong Kong within four weeks from the GSB approval date for their award or before the expiry of the limit of stay, whichever is earlier. They should aware that it is a breach of the Hong Kong immigration laws if they fail to leave Hong Kong within the stipulated timeframe. They can obtain more details from the webpage of the Immigration Department at https://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/terminate_employ_study.html.