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Messages on saving energy

Fossil fuels account for over 90% of Hong Kong’s electricity generation1, and its combustion process produces large amounts of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. If we want to offer our help to our environment, the best thing we can do is to adopt energy saving practices in our daily life.

Nevertheless, some people keep forgetting how important this can be. There are cases that people may leave their offices and rooms in a hurry and forget about switching off the lights. There are occasions when people have their computers turned off but not their monitors. Sometimes a few appliances in the offices or at home are left in a standby mode during which they are not providing useful output but still consume energy.

PolyU believes driving education and awareness programs on energy saving and implementing environmental technologies are equally important.  Therefore, the University uses various channels to engage with students and staff and encourage participation in reducing their carbon footprint, no matter on campus or at home. It has recently distributed energy conservation fact sheet and stickers to campus offices, which can be seen as useful reminders to invite all to help saving power. They are the helpful tools to keep the energy saving tip at the top of mind for everyone.

With concise and precise information and attractive graphics, the fact sheet addresses and provides an overview of what PolyU has been doing to save energy, coupled with a few good and workable tips. The sticker carries an appreciable illustration and a straight forward message, reminding everyone of the quickest and simplest way to save energy – it takes just a few seconds to turn off the lights, air conditioners, office equipment, and appliances when they are unneeded.

Fact Sheet on energy conservation     Stickers remind us to switch off lights and appliances

Let’s all make it a habit. Get this into our philosophy to flip the switch and turn off those we do not need.



HKSAR Environment Bureau. Future Fuel Mix for Electricity Generation Consultation Document. 2014. Available: https://www.enb.gov.hk/sites/default/files/en/node2605/Consultation%20Document.pdf

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