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Campus Sustainability Weeks motivate people toward sustainability

Jointly organized by the Campus Sustainability Committee and the Campus Sustainability Office, PolyU Campus Sustainability Weeks is held annually to deepen campus engagement around sustainability. This campus-wide event is a platform inciting conversation on sustainability and going green and invites all students, staff, and faculty alike to reflect on their daily behaviors and to make thoughtful decisions about reducing environmental footprint and developing a greener lifestyle. 

Participants pledge to go green Informative exhibition on marine life


This signature event, spanning over a period of two weeks in January 2018, was packed with speakers, workshops, sharing sessions, documentary screening, beach clean-up activity, exhibition and more. Staff and students were engaged to experience the social, environmental and economic facets of sustainability through an array of activities.

Sharing session on beauty of nature in Hong Kong Workshops on urban farming


The PolyU Campus Sustainability Weeks does more than staging a pool of activities on campus. It is a meaningful occasion when all the staff and students are encouraged to approach a variety of sustainability topics in an interesting way. Through participating in farming workshops, we learned about the benefits of growing and eating seasonally. By getting a cup of coffee from a solar mobile café, we got a glimpse of how renewable energy can be applied. A dialogue with a professional photographer brought us to the unrevealed beauty of nature and rich biodiversity behind Hong Kong’s cityscape. A candle-making workshop exhibited the true value of coffee and we learned how to turn unwanted coffee grounds into crafted candles. A game on ‘Finding Water’ incited everyone to go and check out the various drinking water stations campus and promoted the Bring-Your-Own (BYO) culture.

Participants turn unwanted coffee grounds to crafted candles Finding Water game arouses awareness


It is much more than a carnival theme event for people on campus. It is an event which recognizes some widely accepted good practices of sustainability that can be picked up by anyone of us at ease, no matter on campus or at home. It is not that difficult to realize that sustainability is not something too hard to understand. It translates into practical change on the ground.


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