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Lessons learnt from PolyU Campus Sustainability Weeks

Entering its fifth year, PolyU Campus Sustainability Weeks staged a record-breaking number of interesting activities for staff, students, and the neighboring community. Jointly organized by the Campus Sustainability Committee and the Campus Sustainability Office, this annual campus-wide event invited all participants to reflect on their daily behaviors and to approach sustainability based on experiences in a real-life context.

Activities of the PolyU Campus Sustainability Weeks were carefully planned and designed to be thought-provoking. A visit to the South East New Territories (SENT) Landfill is an incomparable experience to alarm us that we have been dumping too much waste for the sake of convenience. A seminar on rice growing in Hong Kong unfolds the story of the disappearing rice cultivation along commercial development and how it restarts again recently which treasures our attention. A sharing session on The Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles in Hong Kong and an exhibition on The Charming Dragonflies reveal how blessed our land is being the home to a wide range of biodiversity. A photo exhibition and a workshop on landscape photography show nature is magnificently woven through every part of Hong Kong. Another visit to the Green Hub integrates lessons on low carbon diet with historical and cultural heritage.

SENT Landfill visitModel of the multilayer composite liner systems at SENT Landfill

Photo echibitionPhoto exhibition showcases the Beauty of Hong Kong

Other Do-it-Yourself activities on creating origami artworks, producing recycle seed paper, sewing reusable eco-friendly cloth pads, making plastic bottle planters, and making moisturizing lip balm were widely perceived by the participants. They demonstrate how we can think and do innovatively and realize sustainable living.

DIY bottle platnersMaking good use of DIY plastic bottle planters

Recycle seed paper making workshopRecycle seed paper making workshop inspires creativity

Sustainability is a word on the lips of many people, and it is not something distant or alien. Understanding of sustainability concepts and values can be grounded in hands-on experience and actual involvement. We do not need to be environmentalists or agriculturalists before we can comprehend why we need to incorporate sustainable principles in our lives. What we need to do is fairly simple and basic – let’s think about sustainability in our everyday lives and be mindful about energy efficiency, resources conservation, waste generation, global warming issue, over consumption and show your genuine love for the Earth. 

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