A productive and valuable workshop on Green Efficiency and Staff Engagement

A workshop was held successfully in December 2016 for Green Officers which brought about a precious opportunity to interactive learning, problem solving, and brainstorming on techniques and tactics to engage their peers to green their workplace. 

A small quiz about how to make their offices more resource efficient

At the beginning of the workshop, participants from across the university were given a small quiz to test their knowledge on how to make their offices more resource efficient. Dr William Yu from World Green Organisation also shared some findings and best practices, and invited them to spread the word to their peers. Interesting team-building games were also arranged.



Team-building games and group exercises

Group exercises were then held to prompt the participants to think about good tactics to promote the green message across their offices, and to explore solutions to some problematic cases studies. The workshop finished off by having a passionate discussion among all on their views towards sustainability development on campus. 



While the 30 staff members in attendance certainly gained from the experience and found the workshop very helpful, there is potential for even more widespread involvement and participation on campus to become more energy-cautious and support the building of green workplaces.  We all know it is unlikely to immediately curb carbon emissions drastically and global temperatures might still increase. Nevertheless, this cannot undermine our devotion to reduce our own carbon footprint and to convince all other colleagues and peers to do the same. There are obviously obstacles but there is light ahead if we pool our efforts together.

Group photos of the attentants