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Student Life

There are heaps of options for you to get out and about at university. Find out about the facilities, services and opportunities, choose your student life at PolyU - so it really can be what you want it to be!

Our campus houses everything you may need to fuel your studies, stay healthy and live a social life. Lecture theatres and classrooms are modern and comfortable, designed to enable interaction between students and the speaker. On the other hand, PolyU places a strong emphasis on practical education. A wide variety of study areas are scattered throughout the campus, ranging from quiet rooms for students to study, to open spaces perfect for socialising.

Every course is well equipped with all the necessary equipment (check out the facilities available for the Institute of Textiles and Clothing for example). Additionally, the Ho Iu Kwong Building – also known as the Industrial Center, is furnished with six floors of machinery accompanied by helpful professors that guides students in engineering any project through the appropriate industrial processes.

The campus also provides ample health services if necessary, our on campus University Health Services is fully geared to provide students with necessary healthcare services and even offers alternative Traditional Chinese Medicine services. Other on campus health care services include the Rehabilitation Clinic, Jockey Club Rehabilitation Engineering Centre, Integrative Health Clinic and Optometry Clinic.

Throughout the campus you will also find exhibition venues, flexible activity spaces, prayer rooms, music practice rooms and other amenities. The campus also has a 7 Eleven, a mini bank, a bookshop and more. Click here to see these facilities described on the university website.

IC Center Faclities

Industrial Center (IC)


University Health Service

University Health Services (UHS)


When it comes to food, PolyU houses various subsidized outlets featuring a plethora of different cuisines. Spreading across the campus are canteens cater to students basic meals, cafes that provide a relaxing environment for hungry readers, kiosks that offer quick takeaway food and restaurants that offer dining services. The full list of dining options is here: 

  • Communal Student Canteen (Under renovation)
  • Communal Student Restaurant (Temporary closed until further notice)
  • H Cafe (American Diner)
  • Lawn Cafe
  • LibCafe
  • Smart vending machine, Block R
  • Theatre Lounge
  • VA Kiosk (Subway)
  • VA Student Canteen
  • W Kiosk 
  • Z Canteen
  • Z Cafe

The American Diner

H Cafe (American Diner)





As PolyU emphasises physical and emotional wellbeing of students during their course of studies, a huge network of student support services is available to cater to each student different need.

Upon admission, PolyU endeavours to provide every student a wonderful first-year experience, regardless of your language and background. Various local and non-local student associations will help you settle in, before you head into Orientation Week. Following that, a wide option of optional orientation programs are available, some notable ones include: The more academic focused Peer Mentorship Programme, Host Family Scheme that gives you a chance to live like a local, and the Buddy Programme where many students meet their future best mate. Throughout the year more student run activities such as cultural nights, movie nights and International Students Association (ISA) will help connect you further.

Accessible counselling is also a strong point of PolyU. Every student is assigned personal Academic Advisors who will help you through your course. For career advice or job application, students can visit Careers and Placement Section. For personal counselling, Counselling and Wellness Section offers personalised care for those in need. If you ever need help, Non-Local Student Services Team (NLSST) comprised with a team of staff and students, is your one-stop student support service to non-local students.


A variety of clubs and student run initiatives are available on campus, founded by students who are passionate about what they are doing. Each of these clubs represent a cultural, entertainment, recreational or sporting interest. For instance, hiking hobbyists can join the Excursion and Travel Affairs Association that organizes hikes and camping trips into the wilderness of Hong Kong. You could learn martial arts under the 2018 USFHK Champion - PolyU Karatedo team, or perhaps join an entrepreneurial group such as ENACTUS PolyU to meet like-minded people.

Please visit Student Affairs Office for a list of students clubs registered under the office.


Sports facilities are clean and accessible on campus. In PolyU campus, you will find an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a 25-meter swimming pool, two fitness training rooms (gym), a table tennis training room, rooftop tennis courts, squash courts, golf training bays and multiple halls for basketball, volleyball, futsal, badminton and more. Alternatively, students can go to PolyU’s Joint Sports Centre to utilize their 400m all-weather track, 11-a-size natural grass soccer pitch, and their outdoor multipurpose courts. More sports facilities are available in student halls.

Please visit Student Affairs Office for a detailed description of facilities available to PolyU students.


Living in our Student Halls of Residence is a great option to support your studies while living a vibrant social life. Student halls are clean, safe, modern and comfortable. Each hall has its own unique atmosphere and culture. All rooms are fully furnished, air-conditioned, and equipped with a whopping 90mbps Internet access. Each suite has its private bathroom. There is a common room on every floor, where students can socialize, relax and cook.

Better still, our Student Halls are located close to the city center, next to the major traffic points of Kowloon - Hung Hum Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station and the Cross Harbour Tunnel bus station, making it incredibly easy to get around Hong Kong with buses and railway transport by your doorstep.

International students will normally be offered University-managed accommodation for the first year of study, whereas high-performing students may reapply for a longer stay. Afterwards, students can apply for university subsidized off campus housing. Students are also welcome to explore living in Hong Kong that suits different preferences, needs and budgets. Postgraduate students have slightly different accommodations, please refer to this page for more details.

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