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PolyU Science in the News


PolyU helps develop modernised and sustainable mariculture practices

Mr John Kwok, a PhD student of Department of Food Science and Nutrition, and three students of a project on promoting modernised and sustainable mariculture run by PolyU shared the hands-on training provided in the project, with a view to helping the local trade to develop modernised and sustainable mariculture practices in an interview with Ta Kung Pao.   大公報 「三個門外漢」的養魚路 14 March 2023  

14 Mar, 2023

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Prof. Zheng Zijian and Prof. Yan Feng are promoted to Chair Professors

Congratulations to Prof. Zheng Zijian (ABCT) and Prof. Yan Feng (AP) on their promotions to Chair Professors! Prof. Zheng is now the Chair Professor of Soft Materials and Devices, and Prof. Yan is the Chair Professor of Organic Electronics. Prof. Zheng Zijian's research focuses on the development of fibrous metallic materials, permeable electronics for stretchable and wearable applications, high-performance flexible optoelectronic electrodes and devices. He has published over 200 impactful research papers in Chemical Society Reviews, Joule, Advanced Materials and Advanced Energy Materials. Prof. Yan Feng has research interests in organic electronics, 2D materials, solar cells, thin-film transistors, biosensors and smart materials. He has published more than 300 papers in high-calibre journals, including Advanced Materials, Nature Communication, Nano Letters, and the Journal of the American Chemical Society. He has also delivered more than 70 invited talks at international conferences.

6 Feb, 2023

20230118_Prof Lau_01

PolyU research discovers nanoscale ferroelectric new materials exhibiting potential for making computer memory with low cost and low energy consumption

New research from a team led by Prof. Daniel Lau, Chair Professor of Nanomaterials and Head of Department of Applied Physics of PolyU, achieves a sought-after type of electrical behaviour in nano-sized materials. Electronics manufacturers are expected to show a keen interest, as the valuable ferroelectric characteristics can be reproduced at large scales with unprecedented ease. Prof. Daniel Lau said, “High-tech industries, such as the computer memory sector, will benefit from this new class of nano-scale ferroelectrics. When manufacture is scaled up, the low cost, low energy demand and faithful reproducibility of these atomically thin bilayers promises to advance the frontier of modern electronics.”  Press release: English | Chinese   文匯報 理大研發納米級鐵電體 助製超薄數據儲存器 19 January 2023  香港商報 理大研究發現納米級鐵電新材料 具多項優點可應用於計算機記憶體  18 January 2023

19 Jan, 2023

20230118_Prof. Raymond Wong_RTHK_updated

RTHK programme “Our Scientists” featuring Prof. Raymond Wong - "Superpowers of an ordinary person"

Prof. Raymond Wong is the Dean of the Faculty of Science at PolyU, he is internationally renowned for his research achievements in organometallics compounds for energy conversion. Recently, he has made special emphasis on developing metallated graphyne for optoelectronic and energy applications. In recognition of his remarkable research contributions, Prof. Wong received numerous local and international awards, including the RGC Senior Research Fellow Award, the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship Award by the Croucher Foundation, the State Natural Science Award (Second Class) and was the first Chinese scientist to be presented with the Chemistry of the Transition Metals Award by the Royal Society of Chemistry.    Prof. Wong is featured on the fifth episode of the RTHK TV programme “Our Scientists” to share his aspiration, research ideas and achievements. In the programme, he shared the reminiscences of his youth and childhood, and how the University of Hong Kong, his secondary schools and the place he lived before had helped foster the distinguished scientist he has become today. In addition, interviews with Prof. Jin-Guang Teng, President of PolyU, Prof. Wing-Tak Wong, Deputy President and Provost of PolyU and Prof. Rick Wong, Interim Provost of HKBU are featured to show their lifelong friendships.    Prof. Wong’s documentary will be broadcasted on January 21, 2023 (Sat) at 8pm on RTHK TV 31. Stay tuned!   The eight-episode documentary “Our Scientist” brings audience to the exciting world of science. It interviews a number of outstanding scientists to understand their intellectual and continuous pursuit of scientific exploration and knowledge, as well as the challenges, joy and success along the scientific journey. RTHK programme “Our Scientists”:    

18 Jan, 2023


Two awardees of the RGC Senior Research Fellow Scheme talked about their winning projects on media

Prof. Sun Defeng, Chair Professor of Applied Optimization and Operations Research and Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics, and Prof. Yang Tong, Chair Professor of Mathematical Science of the Department of Applied Mathematics were featured in am730.  The two awardees of the RGC Senior Research Fellow Scheme (SRFS) shed some light on their winning research projects and progress, they also shared their views on the prospects and opportunities of conducting research in Hong Kong.    am730 理大應用數學系講座教授獲頒高級研究學者 經費有助專注研究工作 培育年輕人才 6 January 2023

6 Jan, 2023

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The establishment of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition

The Faculty of Science is pleased to announce the inauguration of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition (FSN) established on 1 January 2023. Based on the key pillars in Food Safety, Food Technology, Human Nutrition, and Chinese Medicine, FSN aims to meet the requirements of the growing public awareness of food sustainability and safety. To know more about FSN:

3 Jan, 2023

AP Lab - standing wave and superconductor

Dr Albert Choy shared tips on layering beds in winter on Mingpao News

Dr Albert Choy Siu-hong of PolyU Department of Applied Physics shared tips on creating a cosy, layered bed for winter comfort on Mingpao News. Dr Choy explained in the interview that the "sandwich cover method” can enhance warmth by sleeping in between the quilt and duvet / thermal blanket while using air as a thermal insulator to reduce heat conduction.   明報 三文治蓋被法更保暖?物理系導師:「上被下氈」減熱量流失 加被留意次序先蓋羽絨被 15 December 2022

15 Dec, 2022


PolyU research finds breastfeeding moms need more fruits and veggies

A study conducted by the Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood) of PolyU has revealed that only 4% of lactating women had dietary habits that met the recommendation from the Department of Health to consume at least two servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables per day, or the recommended intake of vitamin A, according to the “Chinese Dietary Reference Intake” which was established by the Chinese Nutrition Society. Prof. Wong Man-sau, Steering Committee Member of RiFood and Professor of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology of PolyU said that apart from commonly known nutrients, breast milk also contains phytonutrients such as carotenoids and polyphenols. These phytonutrients are important in the physical development of infants. Lacking one or more nutrients may weaken the immune system of infants, and may also increase their risk of getting chronic diseases in the future.   Press release: English / 中文   RTHK (English) Only 4 percent of new mums eat enough fruit and veg (中文) 理大研究:香港哺乳媽媽蔬果攝取量普遍少於建議水平 13 December 2022 The Standard Breastfeeding moms need more fruits and veggies 14 December 2022 Mirage News Breast Milk Nutrition Boosted by Fruits, Veggies: Study 13 December 2022 東方日報 哺乳媽媽吃蔬果 有助BB健康成長 14 December 2022 明報 理大研究指逾九成受訪哺乳母親未達足夠蔬果攝取量 或影響嬰幼兒免疫力 13 December 2022 am730 僅4%哺乳媽媽蔬果攝取量達標 理大:高營養母乳減嬰孩患慢性病 14 December 2022 文匯報 理大研究:香港哺乳期媽媽蔬果攝取量較少 或影響嬰兒健康 13 December 2022 HK01 理大研究指逾九成哺乳母親蔬果攝取量不足 或影響嬰幼兒身體發展 13 December 2022 巴士的報 理大研究:香港哺乳媽媽蔬果攝取量普遍少於建議水平 13 December 2022 點新聞 理大研究:本港哺乳期媽媽蔬果攝取量較少 或影響嬰兒健康 13 December 2022 世界新聞網 理大研究:香港哺乳媽媽蔬果攝取 普遍少於建議水平 13 December 2022

14 Dec, 2022

20221122_Dr Albert Choy

Media interview with Dr Albert Choy about different types of luggage material

Dr Albert Choy Siu-hong of PolyU’s Department of Applied Physics was being interviewed by Mingpao News. Dr Choy shed some light on the various factors to take into consideration when selecting suitcases, as well as to introduce the pros and cons of different types of luggage materials including metal, plastic and fabric.   明報 雙膠轆不及單鋼芯轆好 高CP值行李箱攻略 22 November 2022

22 Nov, 2022

Dr Albert Choy

Dr Albert Choy interviewed on Media about Static Electricity

Dr Albert Choy Siu-hong of PolyU’s Department of Applied Physics, received an interview with Mingpao News to introduce the cause of static electricity in autumn and winter, and the four ways to reduce it including turning on the humidifier indoors, applying more body lotion for moisturizing, adding fabric softener when washing clothes, as well as touching walls or using keys to touch the handles to release static electricity.   明報 秋冬唔想「電親」 理大物理系導師提醒要保濕 27 October 2022

7 Nov, 2022

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