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Academic Staff

Dr Y.M. Tang
PolyU Scholars Hub

Ir Dr Y.M. Tang 鄧育明

Senior Lecturer


Brief Biosketch

Ir Dr. Yuk Ming Tang is currently the Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is the Lab-in-charge of the Integrated Product Design Laboratory, Deputy Lab-in-charge of Ng Tat Lun Digital Factory, a key and initiating member of the Joint Research Centre for Immersive Learning and Educational Technology (CILME), and Co-PI of the Non-PAIR Research Centre for Assistive Technology. Additionally, Dr. Tang is the President of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) - Hong Kong and a Member of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (MHKIE). His achievements have been highly recognized, as evidenced by his receipt of the Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching (Individual), Faculty Merit Award in Teaching (Individual) and Service (Team), Distinguished Educator Award, Best Researcher Award, among others. Additionally, he has been nominated for the UGC Teaching Award in the General Faculty Members category.

Dr. Tang's research interests include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things, Digital Twin, blockchain, sustainable technology in Industry 4.0, and healthcare applications. In the span of three years, Dr. Tang has published over 80 internationally referred journal articles, 10 book chapters, edited 4 books, and received 2 patents. His publications are mainly published in top-ranked journals such as Computers & Education (C&E), Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA), Information Sciences, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, and others. He serves as an editor in several renowned journals, including Internet of Things and Journal of Industrial Information Integration. He was a speaker at the Hospital Authority Convention and was interviewed in the episodes of "香港故事_創科夢工場:活在元宇宙" and "Innovation GPS" (創科導航), television programs on local channels RTHK and TVB, respectively.


Laboratory and Research Centers

  • Lab-in-charge of Integrated Product Design Laboratory
  • Deputy Lab-in-charge of Ng Tat Lun Digital Factory
  • Key and initiating member of the Joint Research Centre for Immersive Learning and Educational Technology (CILME)
  • Co-PI of Non-PAIR Research Centre for Assistive Technology
  • Fellow of The Institute for Higher Education Research and Development (IHERD)


Professional Memberships/ Services

  • President, Industrial and Systems Engineers – Hong Kong (IISE HK), 2023
  • Member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (MHKIE) in Manufacturing, Industrial & Systems Discipline, 2023
  • Professional Member, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), 2022
  • Advisory Board, International Association of Business Management Simulation, 2022
  • Management Team, Society for medical computing of Hong Kong, 2020
  • Hon. Treasurer, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers – Hong Kong (IISE HK), 2018 and 2021
  • Youth Development, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers – Hong Kong (IISE HK), 2019


Selected External Grants



Project Title



20/3/2023 to 19/3/2025


Understanding the Influence of Irreversible Visual Impairment on the Quality of Life in Patients with Optic Neuropathy using a Virtual Reality Environment

Health and Medical Research Fund


1/3/2023 to 28/2/2025

Project Manager

Intelligent Driving Training and Evaluation System for Container Trucks

Smart Traffic Fund (STF)


15/7/2022 to 14/1/2024


Intelligent Non-invasive Structural Health Inspection System for Multi-part Covers

Innovation and Technology Fund - Innovation and Technology Support Programme


1/5/2021 to 30/10/2023


Accommodating Myopia Therapy Training Using Virtual Reality (VR) Head Mounted Device for Adolescents and Children

Innovation and Technology Fund - Partnership Research Programme


20/1/2022 to 31/3/2023


Immersive Systems for Teaching

UGC Large Equipment Fund for Teaching


15/6/2021 to 15/6/2022


Smart Manufacturing Training System

UGC Large Equipment Fund for Teaching


1/4/2018 to 30/9/2020


Multi-axis Motion Platform Development for Exergames using Integrated Real-time Simulation Systems

Innovation and Technology Fund - Innovation and Technology Support Programme



Selected Publications/ Patents

  1. Tang, Y. M., Chau, K.Y., Ho, G.T.S., & Wan, Y. (Eds.). (2023). Revolutionizing Digital Healthcare Through Blockchain Technology Applications. IGI Global.
  2. Lau, Y.Y., Ng, K.Y.A., Tang, Y. M. (2023). Health Technology and Management. Bentham Science Publishers.
  3. Tang, Y. M., Ho, H.L., Chau, K.Y., & Wan, Y. (2022). A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Reality (VR) Modeling in Healthcare Applications with Blender. Nova Science Publishers.
  4. Tang, Y. M., Ho, H.L., & Chau, K.Y. (Eds.). (2022). Cases on Virtual Reality Modeling in Healthcare. IGI Global.


Referred Journals
  1. Li, D., Yip, W.S., Cao, H., Zhang, H., Tang, Y.M.*, & To, S. (2023). Chatter suppression in diamond turning using magnetic field assistance. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 321, 118150. (IF: 6.3, Q1)
  2. Tang, Y.M.*, Kuo, W.T., Lee, C.K.M. (2023). Real-time Mixed Reality (MR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Object Recognition Integration for Digital Twin in Industry 4.0. Internet of Things, 23, 100753. (IF: 5.9, Q1)
  3. Chan, H.S., Tang, Y.M.*, Do, C.W., Ho, Y.W.H., Chan, L.Y., To, S. (2023). Design and assessment of amblyopia, strabismus, and myopia treatment and vision training using virtual reality. Digital Health. 9, 1-42. (IF: 3.9, Q1)
  4. Geda, M.W.*, Zheng, P., Kwong, C.K., Tang, Y.M. (2023). A bi-level optimisation model for the design configuration of new and remanufactured products considering specification upgrading of used products, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing. (IF: 8.3, Q1)
  5. Li, D.H., Tang, Y.M.*, To, S. (2023). Neutral density filter-based catadioptric optical design for thin virtual reality head-mounted device, Optics & Laser Technology, 165, 109623, (IF: 5, Q1)
  6. Lam, W.W.T., Tang, Y.M., Fong, K.N.K.* (2023). A systematic review of the applications of markerless motion capture (MMC) technology for clinical measurement in rehabilitation. J NeuroEngineering Rehabil 20, 57. (IF: 5.1, Q1)
  7. Tang, Y.M.*, Lau, Y.Y.*, Ho, U.L. (2023). Empowering Digital Marketing with Interactive Virtual Reality (IVR) in Interior Design: Effects on Customers Satisfaction and Behavior Intention. J. Theor. Appl. Electron. Commer. Res., 18, 889–907. (IF: 5.6, Q1)
  8. Tang, Y.M.*, Chau, K.Y., Kuo, W.T., Liu, X.X. (2023). IoT-Based Information System on Cold-Chain Logistics Service Quality (ICCLSQ) Management in Logistics 4.0. Information Systems Frontiers. (IF: 5.9, Q1)
  9. Chan, Y.K., Tang, Y.M.*, Teng L. (2023). A Comparative Analysis of Digital Health Usage Intentions Towards the Adoption of Virtual Reality in Telerehabilitation. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 174, 105042. (IF: 4.9, Q1)
  10. TOH, S.F.M., Fong, K.N.K.*, Gonzalez, P.C., Tang, Y.M. (2023). Application of home-based wearable technologies in physical rehabilitation for stroke: A scoping review. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering, 31, 1614-1623. (IF: 4.9, Q1)
  11. Kwok C.P., Tang, Y.M.* (2023). A fuzzy MCDM approach to support customer-centric innovation in virtual reality (VR) metaverse headset design. Advanced Engineering Informatics. 56, 101910, (IF: 8.8, Q1)
  12. Leong S.Z., Tang, Y.M.*, Lai C.H., Lee C.K.M. (2023). Facial Expression and Body Gesture Emotion Recognition: A Systematic Review on the Use of Visual Data in Affective Computing. Computer Science Review, 48, 100545.  (IF: 12.9, Q1)
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  14. Cheung, V.Y.T.*, Tang, Y.M. and Chan, K.K.L. (2023). Medical students’ perception of the application of a virtual reality training model to acquire vaginal examination skills. Int J Gynecol Obstet. 00: 1- 6. (IF: 3.8, Q1)
  15. Tang, Y.M., Chau, K.Y.*, Ip, Y.K., Ji, J.X. (2023). Empirical Research on the Impact of Customer Integration and Information Sharing on Supply Chain Performance in Community-Based Homestays in China. Enterprise Information Systems, 17:7, (IF: 4.4, Q1)


  1. Zhang, P., Chen, Q.*, Macdonald, T., Lau, Y.Y., Tang, Y.M.* (2022). Game Change: A Critical Review of Applicable Collision Avoidance Rules between Traditional and Autonomous Ships. J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 10, 1655. (IF: 2.9, Q2)
  2. Bi, Z.*, Yung, K.L., Ip, A.W.H., Tang, Y.M., Zhang, C.W.J., Xu, L.D. (2022). The State of the Art of Information Integration in Space Applications, in IEEE Access, 10, 110110-110135, (IF: 3.9, Q1)
  3. Dai, Y.P.*, Tang, Y.M., Chen, W.N., Hou, J. (2022). How Organizational trust impacts organizational citizenship behavior: organizational identification and employee loyalty as mediators. Front. Psychol. 13:996962. (IF: 3.8, Q2)
  4. Leong, S.C., Tang, Y.M.*, Toh, F.M., Fong, K.N.K. (2022). Examining the effectiveness of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VAMR) therapy for upper limb recovery and activities of daily living in stroke patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J NeuroEngineering Rehabil 19, 93. (IF: 5.1, Q1)
  5. Lau, Y.-y., Dulebenets, M.A., Yip, H.T., Tang, Y.M.* (2022). Healthcare Supply Chain Management under COVID-19 Settings: The Existing Practices in Hong Kong and the United States. Healthcare, 10, 1549. (IF: 2.8, Q2)
  6. Li, W.Q., Tang, Y. M.*, Wang, Z.Y., Yu, K.M., To, S. (2022). Atrous residual interconnected encoder to attention decoder framework for vertebrae segmentation via 3D volumetric CT images. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 114, 105102. (IF: 8, Q1)
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  1. Tang, Y.M., Hong W.H., Ng, K.C., Li, D.H., Kwok, C.P. (2023). 一种视力改善模组. 电子实用新型专利, China Patent: 22PA01476CN
  2. Tang, Y.M., Cheung, Y.T. (2023). 妇科盆腔检查的VR模拟训练及女性盆腔. 发明专利, China Patent: 23PA00596CN


Scholarly Activities

Editorial Board:
  • Internet of Things, Elsevier
  • Academic Editor of PLOS ONE
  • Frontiers in Environmental Science - Environmental Economics and Management section (Review Editor), Frontiers
  • International Journal of Engineering Business Management, SAGE

Guest Editor:
  • SI on Industrial Information Integration in Space Informatics, Journal of Industrial Information Integration, Elsevier, 2023
  • SI on Impact of Metaverse and Industry 4.0 in Supply Chain Digitization, Internet of Things, Elsevier, 2022-2023
  • SI on Advances and Application of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in Metaverse, Future Internet, MDPI, 2022-2023
  • SI on Designing, Sensing, Instrumentation, Diagnosis, Controlling, and Integration of Actuators in “Digital Manufacturing Especially in Aerospace Engineering”, Actuators, MDPI, 2022
  • SI on “Biomedical Image Processing Based on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition”, Sensors, MDPI, 2022



  • Nominee for the UGC Teaching Award (General Faculty Members) 2022
  • Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching (Individual) 2021
  • Faculty Merit Award in Teaching (Individual) 2019-2020
  • Faculty Merit Award in Service (Team) 2018-2019
  • Award for High SFQ (Student Feedback Questionnaire) Score 2017, 2018, 2022
  • Highest External Competitive Research Grant Bronze Award 2022
  • Highest Consultancy Income Silver Award 2021
  • Best Researcher Award, International Research Awards on New Science Inventions, ScienceFather 2021
  • Distinguished Educator Award, Hong Kong Education Leadership Awards 2019
  • Excellent Paper Award for ISER conference 2018


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