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Cross-Institutional Subjects
(Applicable to all Research Postgraduate Students)

Starting from September 2003, besides taking subjects at PolyU, research students may take postgraduate subjects at other UGC-funded institutions to fulfil their coursework requirements.

Before enrolling in the cross institutional subjects, students are advised to review their study and examination timetable and avoid a clash with their subjects being taken, and especially note the different semester start/end dates and examination periods of the subject-offering institutions.

Students are requested to take note of the following application procedures and regulations:


For PolyU research postgraduate students taking subjects offered by sister institutions

  1. Students should apply to the host institution through the Academic Registry (AR) well before the application deadline set by the host institution using the form 'Application for Cross-institutional Course/Subject Enrolment for Research Postgraduate Students'. Section IV of the form must be duly signed by the Chief Supervisor before the form is submitted to AR. 
    1. Special Arrangements for HKUST
      Students applying for courses offered by HKUST should complete the e-form "[Form RR-41] Application for Cross-institutional Course/Subject Enrolment for Research Postgraduate Students" at , then submit the application form attached in the acknowledgement email from "" to AR. Section IV of the form must be duly signed by the Chief Supervisor before the form is submitted to AR.
  2. Student can submit the application form by email at or by hand at Academic Registry Service Centre. Subject to individual institutions' decision, late applications may not be accepted.
  3. Acceptance of students is at the discretion of the host institution and is subject to availability, student quotas and other factors pertinent to the subjects.
  4. To avoid research students from missing classes of any subsequently approved subjects, it has been agreed among the UGC-funded institutions that RPg students be allowed to attend classes when the application results are pending.
  5. A student approved to study subjects offered by another UGC-funded institution will be officially registered for the subjects as a visiting student (or other equivalent status) at the host institution and is required to participate fully in the subjects (including completing coursework and examinations).
  6. The term "visiting students" used in the following paragraphs refers to research students of PolyU taking subjects at other UGC-funded institutions.
  7. Host institutions will contact visiting students directly regarding class schedule, examination schedule and other operational matters.
  8. Host institutions will not issue any Student ID card to visiting students. Instead, some kind of confirmation letter will be issued for the purpose of identification in class or during examinations. Access Card will be issued to visiting students to enter the PolyU campus.
  9. Requests for dropping or withdrawal from a subject should be submitted before the host institution's deadline.
  10. A grade will be assigned to students on completing the subjects, and a transcript will be sent to the students via the home institution. The transcript will show the subject code, subject title, credit units, result grade and the grading system.  Visiting students may also apply directly to the host institution for a transcript/letter on the subject(s) they have taken
  11. Upon completing the subjects and on receipt of a transcript of study from the host institution via AR, students may submit a notification using Form GSB/48, endorsed by the Chief Supervisor and S/DRC Chair and approved by HoD/DoS, to initiate the transfer of credits. If transfer of credits is rejected by S/DRC Chair and HoD/DoS, the credits taken at other UGC-funded universities cannot be used to fulfil coursework requirements. 
    The completed Form GSB/48 should be submitted to the following offices accordingly for processing the transfer of credits: 
    -  Graduate School (for students admitted before 2018/19 Cohort);
    -  Department's General Office (for students admitted in or after 2018/19 Cohort)
  12. The transfer of grades will be in accordance with the conversion table detailed in the Research Postgraduate Student Handbook
  13. Some institutions only award pass/fail grades. In view of the fact that PolyU students are required to achieve a qualifying GPA before submitting their thesis, an MPhil student must complete at least three credits with a letter grade and a PhD student at least six to allow for a meaningful calculation of the qualifying GPA.
  14. Some institutions offer subjects which do not carry any credit. For transfer of any suggested number of credits earned from taking those subjects, PolyU students are required to provide detailed information of the subjects concerned, like the relevant course description/outline and assignment method, to the Chief Supervisor for endorsement and the Chairman of Departmental Research Committee* for approval.
    * If the Chairman of Departmental Research Committee is also the Chief Supervisor, approval should be sought from the Head of Department or Dean of School.
  15. Visiting students will not be given approval to take subjects that are not relevant to their research areas.
  16. The decision as to how the grades should be used is at the sole discretion of PolyU.
  17. A waiver of fee for transfer of credits will be granted to visiting students.
  18. Each institution will have its own procedures for approving this inter-institutional programme. Research students must comply with the procedures and regulations of individual institutions before applying. Failure to do so may result in an unsuccessful application.

(Note: "Host" institution refers to the institution to which a student will travel to take some of his/her subjects.)


For Research postgraduate students of sister institutions taking PolyU subjects

PolyU Subjects

For students interested in taking PolyU subject, please check the offered subject details via PolyU ePublic and go through the follow procedures:

>   Select '2022-23 Semester 1' as the Academic Year/Semester
>>    Select 'By Programme Select [AR]; Academic Registry as Programme Hosting Department
>>>    Select Cross-Institutional Subject Enrolment Scheme (RPg) 08608 as Programme
>>>>    Click Search; button to view subjects.

Please note the following information:

  1. Registered research postgraduate students of the UGC-funded institutions are eligible to apply for enrolment.
  2. Students should study the relevant information in relation to the collaboration scheme and academic regulations of PolyU. He/she may only apply to attend the listed subjects that are directly relevant to his/her field of study.
  3. Applicants should submit the application form 'Application for Cross-institutional Course/Subject Enrolment for Research Postgraduate Students' to the coordinating office (Graduate School, Academic Registry or Research Office) of his/her home institution for onward dispatch to the Academic Registry Service Centre of PolyU or email to by 19 August 2022. Late applications will not be considered.
  4. Students will be notified of the application result via email directly by PolyU normally before classes commence. Acceptance of students is at our discretion and is subject to availability, student quotas and other factors pertinent to the subjects.
  5. Students approved to study PolyU subjects will be officially registered for the subjects and are required to participate fully in the subjects, including completing the coursework and examinations.
  6. An official letter will be issued to students for identification purposes. However, students are requested to use their Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC) library card to access our library and they are not allowed to use the facilities of our University other than those directly associated with their subjects.
  7. Grades (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D or F) will be assigned to students on completing the subjects, and a transcript will be sent to the student's home institution.
  8. The decision as to how the grades should be used is at the sole discretion of the home institution.
  9. Students may drop a registered subject within two weeks after the beginning of a semester, i.e., 29 August 2022 to 10 September 2022 for Academic Year 2022/23 Semester One.
  10. After the add/drop period, requests to withdraw from subjects will not be considered unless the withdrawal is due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the students. Students requesting to withdraw from subjects after the add/drop period will be required to provide PolyU with full justification for making the application. The request should be submitted to PolyU via the student's home institution. The Academic Registry of PolyU will process the subject withdrawal request. Once approval is given, a Grade 'W' is recorded as the grade for the withdrawn subject.
  11. Applications to audit postgraduate subjects at PolyU under this scheme will not be accepted.
  12. Students from other UGC-funded institutions who have enrolled in postgraduate subjects offered by PolyU are subject to all of the prevailing academic regulations governing postgraduate studies of the University. This will not lead to a degree or other awards from PolyU. Students should familiarise themselves with these academic regulations. For details, please refer to the Academic Regulations Governing Enrolment in PolyU Subjects by Students of other UGC-funded Institutions.


(Note: 'Home' institution refers to the institution where a student is taking his/her research postgraduate programme.)


Important Dates of Academic Year 2022/23 Semester One of PolyU

Date Key event 
19 August 2022  Application Deadline for Cross-institutional course/subject enrolment
29 August 2022  Semester One of Academic Year 2022/23 commences
26 November 2022  Semester One teaching ends
1 December 2022 to 16 December 2022  Examination period of Semester One


  • The above dates may vary due to special arrangements for certain postgraduate subjects. Please refer to the relevant information specific to those subjects.
  • The final examination timetable of Academic Year 2022/23 Semester One will be announced via the eStudent platform of PolyU in October 2022.



Academic Registry

Academic Registry Service Centre
Room M101, Li Ka Shing Tower,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
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Telephone: (852) 2333 0600



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