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Nov 2023 Jun 2026 Adam Forrester Promoting Literacy and Use of Generative AI in FH Learning and Teaching
Jul 2023 Dec 2024 Adam Forrester GPT and AI: Empowering HKPolyU students
Jun 2023 Dec 2024 Issa Ying Developing the model of Writing Café@PolyU and nurturing a community of learners to support discipline-specific academic and professional writing
Mar 2023 Aug 2024 Jane Robbins (Team member) From rubrics to grades: Enhancing grade integrity and grade consistency at PolyU
Jan 2023 Jun 2024 Anna Ho AI-powered Video Job Interviewing: Impact on the teaching and learning of professional English
Jan 2023 Jun 2024 Linda Lin Developing an online English language support platform for SYA students
Jan 2022 Dec 2023 Adam Forrester and Jessica Xia FH MOOC- Humanity's Foundations Answers to Life's Questions from Cultural Powerhouses
Oct 2022 Dec 2024 Adam Forrester and Jessica Xia Digital Literacy Support Network
Oct 2022 Dec 2024 Adam Forrester, Julia Chen and Paul Rothery Developing language teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge and enhancing students’ language learning in virtual learning environments
Aug 2022 Feb 2024 Jessica Xia Using exemplars to develop students’ self-efficacy in EAP
Aug 2022 Jul 2024 Eric Ho Flipped learning: step-by-step video guides for self-/peer-assessment
Aug 2022 Jul 2024 Adam Forrester Digital and workshop resources for FYPs and ITC students
May 2022 Jun 2023 Jay Bidal An Interactive Training Tool for Student Self-Correction of Language Errors
Apr 2022 Jun 2023 Adam Forrester Enhancing presentation skills through AI
Apr 2022 Jun 2023 Adam Forrester Fostering Independent Learning Through AI Chatbots
Mar 2022 Jun 2024 Adam Forrester FH e-platform for Language Learning
Oct 2021 Feb 2024 Julia Chen & Linda Lin Developing an Automated Writing Evaluation System for Chinese Learners around the world
Sep 2021 Aug 2024 Julia Chen and Grace Lim (Co-leader) Technology-enabled English Across the Curriculum
Aug 2021 Jul 2023 Winnie Shum Developing a generic module with virtual exchange as a platform for English language and intercultural interaction learning
May 2021 Dec 2022 Shari Lughmani Piloting a model for the development of a writing centre to support discipline-specific academic and professional writing
May 2021 Aug 2022 Vickie Li Developing a corpus to support postgraduate students’ thesis writing
Jul 2020 Jun 2021 Vincent Sheung Kwun & Andy Morrall Investigating the feasibility of using an AI Robot to enhance physical learning spaces for English language learners
Jun 2020 Dec 2021 Jessica Xia Active learning in flipped ELC classrooms
Jun 2020 Dec 2021 Lucas Kohnke The genesis of an ELC Personal English Learning Assistant coupling Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Learning
Jun 2020 Nov 2021 Linda Lin Developing an Interactive Academic Vocabulary Learning Tool
Apr 2020 Oct 2021 Shari Lughmani Developing Discipline Specific Writing skills for Tertiary Students of the Social Sciences discipline (APSS) and CAR subjects in the Faculty of Humanities FH
Apr 2020 Mar 2021 Lucas Kohnke & Andy Jarvis Developing English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Provision by bridging the gap between EAP (year 1) and ESP (year 3) delivery
Apr 2020 Aug 2022 Grace Lim Communities of Practice; English for Professional Development
Jan 2020 Dec 2022 Tim Lee The Feasibility of Motivational Interventions in Diverse English Teaching Contexts
Jan 2020 Jun 2021 Adam Forrester An investigation into how the ELC’s VR Room is being used by students and is perceived by teachers
Aug 2019 Jun 2020 Eric Ho Improving ESL student oral presentations through peer review: Reviewing as learning
Jun 2019 Dec 2021 Jessica Xia Flipping academic presentation skills to enhance PolyU students’ confidence and competence
Feb 2019 Jun 2020 John Iveson The use of digital documentary assessments for English language learning: A study of a project-based assessment of an undergraduate English language course.
Oct 2018 Jun 2019 Eric Ho Confidence and communication skills of graduates to function effectively in a global labour market
Aug 2018 Jan 2022 Tim Lee Enhancing doctoral students’ intercultural competence
Jul 2018 Dec 2018 Grace Lim Extension of Excel@English (1) & (2): Reading, Vocabulary, Listening and Grammar language activities in academic context for Senior Year Admitted students
Jul 2018 Dec 2018 Issa Ying Exploring Student Language Needs for Embedded Critical Thinking Instruction in ELC Courses
May 2018 Dec 2020 Ellen Mok Learning English through short stories
Mar 2018 May 2019 Dennis Foung How students handle blended learning tasks – A case study of an advanced university English course
Dec 2017 Jun 2019 Jessica Xia Teaching entrepreneurship and creativity – Success stories for ELC3222 students
Oct 2017 Mar 2021 Linda Lin & Julia Chen Developing a PolyU-Stanford adaptive learning online platform for English and exploratory adaptive assessment for Science subjects. Principle Investigator
Sep 2017 Aug 2021 Julia Chen Language enhancement for Final Year Projects using interactive app
Sep 2017 Aug 2021 Adam Forrester Hong Kong Continuing Professional Development Hub
Sep 2017 Jul 2021 Adam Tse Mastering the technical vocabulary of STEM
Sep 2017 Dec 2018 Andrew Morrall Enhancement of the EWR by Automated Feedback
Sep 2017 Dec 2018 Andrew Morrall Integrating CILL resources into LCR feedback
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Jane Robbins Review of large-scale English DSR subjects (3): Embedded English DSR subjects
Jul 2017 Jun 2019 Dennis Foung Identifying at-risk student with Course Diagnostic Reports – A learning analytics approach
Jul 2017 Jun 2019 Dennis Foung Exploring the language needs and ability of senior year admitted (SYA) students
Jul 2017 Jun 2019 Adam Forrester Interactive Virtual Job Interviews with Self-reflection for LMS students
Aug 2017 Dec 2018 Shari Lughmani Developing an open platform for writing support in the disciplines across the faculties
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Shari Lughmani Developing and piloting an enhanced faculty-based EWR liaison model for English Writing Requirement subjects (3): FAST, FENG, FCE and SD
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Shari Lughmani Developing and piloting an enhanced faculty-based EWR liaison model for English Writing Requirement subjects (1): FB & FHSS
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Mary Cheung Excel@English (2): Listening and Grammar in academic context for SYA students
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Grace Lim Excel@English (1): Reading and Vocabulary language activities in academic context for SYA students
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Lucas Kohnke Excel@English Mobile APP: Improving English in a Fun and Flexible Way
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Lucas Kohnke Developing Mentor Provision for Academic English Success
Jul 2017 Jul 2017 John Iveson Digitising LCR Subjects (1): Developing and piloting ebooks
Jul 2017 Jul 2017 Vivian Li Digitalising LCR Subjects (1): Flipped classroom for grammar learning
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Vickie Li Re-engineering CILL 1: Language in action for undergraduate students
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Jane Robbins Review of large-scale English DSR subjects (2): Professional English for Engineering & Science students
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Jane Robbins Review of large-scale English DSR subjects (1): Workplace English for FB & SHTM students
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Anna Ho English through co-curricular activites 1: EC
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Caitlin Feenstra Pronunciation Enhancement for Lower-level LCR Students
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Anna Ho English through co-curricular activites 1: EDC
Jul 2017 Dec 18 Adam Forrester Interactive Student Response Systems for ELC subjects 2: DSR subjects
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Adam Forrester Interactive Student Response Systems for ELC subjects 1: LCR subjects
Jul 2017 Jun 2018 Alan Urmston Provision of support for students taking IELTS
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Shari Lughmani Developing and piloting an enhanced faculty-based EWR liaison model for English Writing Requirement subjects (2): FH
Jul 2017 Dec 2018 Joe Ching Re-engineering CILL 2: Language in action for postgraduate students
Mar 2017 Aug 2018 Anna Ho Flipped Service-Learning
Mar 2017 Feb 2018 Lucas Kohnke Investigating the effects of learner-generated and given multimedia annotations on vocabulary acquisition
Feb 2017 Jan 2019 Issa Ying Developing Critical Thinking (CT) through Visible Thinking (VT) Routines in EAP Courses
Jan 2017 Dec 2018 Michael Tom, Vincent Lam & Dennis Foung Towards automatic tracking of student responses to teacher feedback in draft revision
Jan 2017 Dec 2018 Tim Lee The Uses and Perceptions of L2 Motivational Strategies in University English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Subjects
Sep 2016 Jul 2019 Anna Ho A language enhancement project for Dabu primary children and teachers
Sep 2016 Jun 2018 Chrissy Burns Improving English Writing Requirement feedback through genre approach
Sep 2016 Mar 2018 Andy Jarvis & Lucas Kohnke Academic Listening Strategies for the Global Student
Jul 2016 Dec 2017 Michael Dean Independent learning for Higher Diploma students on ELC1008
Jan 2016 Jan 2018 Lucas Kohnke, Julia Chen & Grace Lim Interactive online English activities and game-mediated app for independent language learning
Nov 2015 May 2018 Dean Gui The Hong Kong PolyU Virtual Campus: An evolution in immersion, interaction & innovation
Sep 2015 Aug 2017 Jane Robbins Online Project for the Improvement of University Speaking (OPTIMUS)
Sep 2015 Dec 2016 Lucas Kohnke & Andrew Jarvis Interactive e-guides and game-based activities for ELC FB DSR subjects
Aug 2015 Dec 2016 Ksenia Troshina Empowering learning: introducing continuous feedback practices in an advanced English course
Jul 2015 Dec 2016 Linda Lin Preparation for International Collaboration with Stanford University
Jul 2015 Aug 2016 Joe Ching A project to investigate the factors that affect students to participate in an incentive award scheme in enhancing CILL users’ independent English language learning skills
Jul 2015 Jun 2016 Julia Chen Overseas Scholarship Scheme Implementation Project
May 2015 May 2016 Chris Shepherd Analysis of frequent English grammatical errors committed by Year 1 PolyU students at the DSE 3 level
May 2015 Dec 2015 Anna Ho What’s learnt in service learning?
Jan 2015 Aug 2017 Linda Lin Online Support for academic writing for the engineering curriculum
Nov 2014 Jan 2021 Jessica Xia ELC Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
Sep 2014 Mar 2017 Andy Morrall Reinforcing the Importance of Academic Integrity and Ethics in Students through Blended Learning – A Deployment of Augmented Reality Applications
Sep 2014 Jul 2016 Anna Ho A two-tier English Reading Workshop for Dabu Primary Students and Teachers
Sep 2014 Feb 2016 Ellen Mok Online extensive reading and writing
Aug 2014 Feb 2016 Shari Lughmani Supporting and developing students’ English literacy practices in the disciplines
Aug 2014 Jan 2016 Juliana Chau Design and analysis of Bring Your Own Choice (BYOD) pedagogies in promoting student learning in higher education
Jul 2014 Aug 2017 Adam Forrester Migration of ELC elearning provision from Moodle to Blackboard environment and associated materials development
Jul 2014 Aug 2016 Julia Chen Professional Development in Enhancing English across the Curriculum
May 2014 Aug 2017 Anna Ho Chongqing Train-the-trainers Programme
May 2014 Jan 2015 Adam Forrester Presentation videos for EUS and University English for Higher Diploma Students I
Apr 2014 Mar 2016 Linda Lin Improving the vocabulary knowledge of PhD and MPhil candidates in PolyU
Feb 2014 Jan 2016 Andy Morrall Development of online self access English language materials and repository for tertiary materials developers in Hong Kong Part 2 (ICOSA 2)
Jan 2014 Mar 2015 Shari Lughmani Developing innovative online language learning support activities for the implementation of English writing
Jan 2014 Nov 2014 Charles Griffith / Adam Forrester Active learning videos and online practice activities for ELC LCR Subjects
Dec 2013 Dec 2016 Julia Chen The Pilot Development of a Comprehensive and Effective Academic Support System to Facilitate Senior Year-admitted Students’ Academic Success in their University Study
Sep 2013 Aug 2015 Juliana Chau Automatic Classification Techniques In Virtual Environments – The ACTIVE Project: Generating Immediate Feedback to Support Reflective Learning within ePortfolio Contexts
Jul 2013 Feb 2017 Julia Chen Development of an Institutional-wide e-Learning Platform with Diagnostic e-Assessment and e-Learning Packages using Learn@PolyU (理學網) to Enhance Entry Students’ Underpinning Skills and Knowledge
Jul 2013 Jun 2016 Julia Chen Community of Practice (CoP) Project: Enhancing Students’ English Abilities
May 2013 Dec 2015 Irene Lee / Jane Robbins Developing an Online Independent Learning Course Site in Blackboard for Practical English for University Studies (PEUS)
May 2013 Sep 2014 Dean Gui Inscribe: A Journal of Undergraduate Student Writing
Nov 2012 Oct 2017 Julia Chen Longitudinal Evaluation of the General University Requirements (GUR) under the New 4-year Curriculum
Jan 2012 Dec 2014 Alan Urmston Further development of the Diagnostic English Tracking Assessment (DELTA): A Web-based English Language Diagnostic Assessment and Tracking System for University Students in Hong Kong

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