March – April 2021
Art Pal (2020/21, Second Semester)
Art Pal offers a wide range of activities for students and staff who are totally into, mildly keen on, or not (yet) sure whether they’re the least bit interested in art and culture! From calligraphy to painting, from dance to theatre, from music to cultural heritage, Art Pal will allow you to explore and experience art and culture, and hook you up with pals who share the same enthusiasm. Pal up with Art Pal today!

Visual Arts
Chinese Calligraphy Workshop – Clerical Script 
Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop
Illustration Workshop
Portrait Photography Workshop 
Watercolour Workshop 
Western Calligraphy Workshop – Gothic Script

Performing Arts
Handpan Workshop
Ukulele Workshop

DIY Leather Workshop (Class A - Key Holder)
DIY Leather Workshop (Class B - Pencil Case)

Metal Art 999 Silver Bracelet Workshop
Paper Rattan Weaving Workshop
Weaving Workshop

Cultural Heritage
Pak Mei Saam Mun Class 

Medium of Instruction (Please refer to the individual page of each workshop)
C: Cantonese
C+E: Cantonese, supplemented with English