Art Pal (Second Semester)
Art Pal offers a wide range of activities for students and staff who are totally into, mildly keen on, or not (yet) sure whether they’re the least bit interested in art and culture! From calligraphy to painting, from dance to theatre, from music to cultural heritage, Art Pal will help you see the fun and beauty of art and culture, and hook you up with pals who share the same enthusiasm. Pal up with Art Pal today!

Visual Arts
1.1   Glass-blowing Workshop (Class A)
1.2   Glass-blowing Workshop (Class B)
1.3   Ceramic Workshop (Class A)
1.4   Ceramic Workshop (Class B)
1.5   Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop
1.6   Mosaic Art Workshop
1.7   Chinese Calligraphy Workshop – Clerical Script
1.8   Chinese Contemporary Ink Art Workshop: From Traditional to Contemporary II
1.9    Drawing and Sketching Workshop
1.10  Western Calligraphy Workshop
1.11  Introduction to Photography
1.12 Black & White Darkroom Workshop and Guided Tour of Photography Exhibition Art Upon an Island
1.13  Cyanotype Workshop

2.1  DIY Leather Workshop (Class A – Card Holder)
2.2  DIY Leather Workshop (Class B – Clutch Bag)
2.3  Silver Clay Workshop (Class A – Silver Pendant)
2.4  Silver Clay Workshop (Class B – Silver Ring)
2.5  Tie Dye Workshop (Class A)
2.6  Tie Dye Workshop (Class B)
Cultural Heritage
3.1  PolyU Kung Fu Festival: Sha Shou Gun Class for Beginners
3.2  PolyU Kung Fu Festival: Pek Mei Jik Bo Class for Beginners
3.3 Cultural Trail – Exploration of Old Hong Kong’s Trade and Food Culture
3.4  Cultural Trail – Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail

4.1  Directing Workshop
4.2  Acting Workshop
4.3  Arts Administration Workshop
4.4  Stage Management Workshop
4.5  Set Design Workshop
4.6  Costume Design Workshop
4.7  Sound Design Workshop
4.8  Lighting Design Workshop
Music and Dance
5.1  Crafting Lyrics for Musicals in Cantonese
5.2  Pop Song Singing Workshop
5.3  Ukulele Workshop
5.4  Jazz / Jazz Funk Dance Workshop
5.5  Hip Hop Dance Workshop

Cinema and Television           
6.1  Dubbing Workshop
6.2  Stop Motion Character Animation Workshop

1)    The enrolment deadline is 26 January 2017 (Thursday).
2)  Successful applicants are determined by computer balloting in case of oversubscription.
3)    The contents and schedules of the workshops are subject to change. Please stay tuned to our website for further updates.
4)    Participants who successfully “pal up” with Art Pal programmes and achieve an attendance of 80% or more rate in a workshop will be:
        a.    recognized in the Co-curricular Achievement Transcript
        b.    awarded a Certificate of Attendance