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Soft contact lens with concentric rings of dual powers
Soft contact lens with concentric rings of dual powers

The DISC was the first of these lenses to be developed. A two-year clinical trial with 128 Hong Kong schoolchildren aged 8 to 13 was completed in 2011. The highly promising findings showed that the progression of myopia was slowed by about 60%.

Prof. To explained that “Since the DISC lens takes advantage of the natural homeostasis of the eye, the wearer can avoid suffering from the possible adverse effects of drugs or surgery”. Prof. Lam added, “Optical defocus can be incorporated into widely accepted forms of contact lens to provide clear and comfortable vision while myopia is being controlled”.

Commercial production of the DISC lens was recently licensed to VST, a local company founded by Mr Jackson Leung Tse-man, a PolyU alumnus. The company manufactures DISC lenses using silicon hydrogel, one of the most oxygen permeable materials used in contact lenses. The lenses need to be customised to meet the needs of individual wearers, while PolyU also prescribes the DISC lens at its Optometry Clinic.

The arrangement exemplifies the successful commercialisation and transfer of PolyU technology facilitated by entrepreneurship efforts. “I am glad that after years of hard work, research on the DISC lens eventually bears fruit through successful commercialisation, benefitting children in need with real products”, commented Prof. To.