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Innovations realized through PolyU Micro Fund Scheme

Innovations realized through PolyU Micro Fund Scheme






In 2011, “PolyU Micro Fund” Scheme was launched with an aim to provide seed funding for students and alumni in support of their pursuit of entrepreneurial venturing. In 2013, under the Entrepreneurship Stream of the Scheme, 19 innovations, ranging from commercial software applications, product designs to cultural education, animation and digital games, were selected for seed funding. Four innovative projects are introduced as follows:

SafeArrival is a school bus monitoring system specially designed for cross-boundary students. It is equipped with a SafeArrival Kit which adopts GPS, RFID and GPRS technologies. Smart Window Display System is a large transparent interactive display showing details of shopping items, integrating motion sensing and near field communication technology
Portable Device Kit for Orthotic Insole Fabrication is designed for professional orthotists to provide convenient outreach examination services for patients, and fabricate customized orthotic insoles within a short time. Family Cube is an interactive device that can strengthen intergenerational communication within the family. It consists of a physical cube and a smartphone app.
The Scheme also has an Innovation Stream which is targeted at students’ inventions. This year, under the theme “Innovation for an Inclusive Society”, two awardees in the Innovation Stream coincidentally developed applications to facilitate wheelchair users to reach out to the community. One is a mobile app WheelMan that offers up-to-date information on barrier-free facilities in shopping malls and restaurants. Another is a digital map DMap which provides specific barrier-free route information to assist the physically disabled to travel with ease.




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