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Master of Science in Metaverse Technology

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Level 5

(Including subjects offered for outpost MScISX programme)

COMP5111 Database Systems and Management
COMP5112 Data Structures and Database Systems
COMP5113 AIBD Programming
COMP5121 Data Mining and Data Warehousing Applications
COMP5122 E-Commerce Fundamentals and Development
COMP5123 Intelligent Information Systems
COMP5131 Introduction to Information Systems
COMP5132 Information Systems Acquisition and Integration
COMP5133 Information Systems and E-Commerce Strategy
COMP5134 IS Development with OO Methods
COMP5135 Information Systems Audit and Control
COMP5138 Services Science Management
COMP5139 Management Information Systems
COMP5140 Metaverse Fundamentals
COMP5152 Advanced Data Analytics
COMP5220 Information Systems Project Management
COMP5221 Software Project Management
COMP5222 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
COMP5241 Software Engineering and Development
COMP5311 Internet Infrastructure and Protocols
COMP5321 Enterprise Web and Internet Computing for Managers
COMP5322 Internet Computing and Applications
COMP5327 Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
COMP5331 Web Advertising and Web Publishing
COMP5355 Cyber and Internet Security
COMP5422 Multimedia Computing, Systems and Applications
COMP5423 Natural Language Processing
COMP5424 Extended Reality
COMP5425 Multimedia Coding and Networking
COMP5434 Big Data Computing
COMP5511 Artificial Intelligence Concepts
COMP5512 Information Technology and Logistics
COMP5513 Financial Computing
COMP5517 Human Computer Interaction
COMP5521 Distributed Ledger Technology Cryptocurrency and E-Payment
COMP5523 Computer Vision and Image Processing
COMP5524 Workflow Management and Collaborative Systems
COMP5532 Digital Twins & Virtual Human
COMP5533 Game Engine and Programming
COMP5538 Customer Relationship Management and Technology
COMP5541 Machine Learning and Data Analytics
COMP5542 Optimization and Applications
COMP5543 Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Computing in Practice
COMP5544 Emerging Topics in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Computing
COMP5554 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
COMP5563 Applied Cryptography for Financial Applications
COMP5564 Machine Learning and Applications in Finance
COMP5565 Decentralized Apps Fundamentals and Development
COMP5566 Blockchain and Smart Contract Security

COMP5567 Distributed Algorithms and Protocols for Blockchains
COMP5568 Decentralized Finance
COMP5569 Fintech Regulation and Compliance
COMP5570 Metaverse Applications: Design and Case Studies
COMP5923 Independent Study
COMP5924 IT Startup: From Idea to Business Plan
COMP5925 Metaverse Project I
COMP5926 Metaverse Project II
COMP5933 Project
COMP5940 Dissertation
COMP5941 Dissertation for Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Computing

Level 6

(For DFinTech students only)

COMP6434 Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
COMP6521 Cryptography and Blockchain

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