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中国文化与宗教 Distinguished Lecture


中国历史文化研究中心 Specialist Lecture

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盼望著,盼望著,新學期來了,金秋的腳步近了。 好朋友們,小夥伴們,暌違許久的香港孔子學院日又!來!啦!   2022年第六屆香港孔子學院日 時間:9月24日(週六)下午3點-5點 地點:PolyU 校園TU201   當日活動有古琴表演、漢服模特秀和宋代點茶小劇場~ 更為現場觀眾提供漢服體驗機會! 豐富的傳統文化科普,多彩的傳統藝術表演,更有神秘嘉賓——國家級非遺大師空降現場! 還有,還有… … 我們為大家準備了來自故宮博物館、國家博物館和敦煌博物館的文創美物!當日下午2:30開始入場,前50位報名的來賓可於簽到處抽獎,獎品先到先抽,抽完即止! 錯過抽獎機會的好朋友也無需遺憾,現場還有香港孔院日主題相框、六藝手持拍照板,請盡情發揮創意,上傳你(您)的靚照,關注並@香港孔子學院的 Facebook或Instagram(cihk_polyu),就有機會贏取精美禮品! 還等什麼?!

24 Sep 2022


Focusing on tensions and links between national formation and international outlooks, this talk shows how classical world visions persist as China’s modernizers and revolutionaries adopted and revised the Western nation-state and cosmopolitanism. The concepts of tianxia (all under heaven) and datong (great harmony) have been updated into outlooks of global harmony that value unity, equality, and reciprocity as strategies of overcoming interstate

16 Sep 2022


Abstract (based on the abstract of Chapter 1) In this CIHK webinar, we will discuss the material conditions of and historical background to the use of Classical Chinese or Literary Sinitic in writing-mediated brush conversation between literati of Sinitic engaged in cross-border communication within Sinographic East Asia or the Sinographic cosmopolis, which corresponds with today’s China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan (including Okinawa, former

21 Apr 2022


Property and Financial Management of Manchu Imperial Princesses in Qing China, 1617–1911 During the Qing period (1644–1911), the property right of Women who married Manchu imperial family members were protected by Qing laws, but not the one of Manchu imperial princesses. Those Qing imperial princesses did not own full ownership of their property, only occupancy, use, and income rights, but not act of disposition. Their offspring did not have righ

13 Apr 2022


題目: 左江沿岸崖壁上駱越文明的投影——花山岩畫的科技與文化解讀 日期:10月13日 時間:下午4:30 - 6:00 語言:普通話 平臺:騰訊會議(VooV)   按此報名   講座簡介: 世界遺產「左江花山岩畫文化景觀」,綿延105公里,其中最大的單幅岩畫有8000平米。這一遺產有八個謎:何人、何時、出於什麼目的,投入如此巨大的人力物力,在懸崖峭壁之上繪製令人震撼的岩畫群?是用什麼顏料繪製千年不褪色?是怎樣畫上去的?為什麼人的圖像都是蛙形?岩畫中有數百面銅鼓,為什麼?為何這一世界遺產叫「文化景觀」?如今在廣西少數民族地區還有哪些岩畫遺風?

13 Oct 2022


Confucius Institute Day

孔子學院 - 中国古代女性的日常生活

“國風雅集香港漢服文化協會” 服飾展示與舞蹈表演

中国古代女性的日常生活 - 服飾展示與舞蹈表演

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