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University's Strategies on Education and Student Development

Education-To further enhance the academic strength of all our programmes and co-curricular activities, and to provide a holistic education which is outcome-based, work-integrated, professionally and globally-oriented, and student-centred. Students will be provided with greater flexibility to choose their areas of study so as to maximize the benefits of their learning and enhance their competitiveness. 

Student Development-To strengthen the holistic development of students, particularly in the areas of global outlook, interest in local and international affairs, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, sense of social and national responsibility, cultural appreciation, lifelong learning, biliteracy and trilingualism, entrepreneurship, teamwork and leadership.


CEE Teaching and Learning Methods

programme teaching learning 01 By adopting an outcome-oriented approach, the primary objective of the implemented teaching and learning methods is to ensure that students attain critical thinking and all-roundedness with professional competence defined by the programme outcomes. In particular, they are tailored to develop abilities to apply knowledge to solving real-life engineering and scientific problems. Students work individually or in small groups depending upon the nature of the work involved. The group size varies according to the teaching and learning activity. Moreover, the idea of the 'active classroom,' entailing educational concepts and strategies that are relevant to the development of a high level of understanding of academic knowledge and functioning abilities, is advocated in the Department. Where appropriate, the following major teaching and learning methods are implemented: Interactive lecture; Tutorial; Laboratory work; Experiential learning; Problem-based learning; Self-directed learning; E-learning; Site visit and fieldwork; and Technical seminar.


All graduates of this department will attain:

  1. An ability to communicate logically and lucidly;
  2. An ability to present ideas and arguments verbally in formal presentations and informal discussions;
  3. An ability to work with others in group work, and take responsibility for an agreed area of a shared activity;
  4. Critical and creative thinking and an ability to work independently;
  5. A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning;
  6. An ability to understand and abide by professional, ethical and social responsibilities.

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