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Programme Structure

Students are required to obtain 63 credits to fulfill the programme graduation requirements, with 9 credits of General University Requirements (GUR) and 54 credits of Major Study Requirements, respectively.

General University Requirements (GUR) No. of Subjects Required No. of Credits Required
Cluster Areas Requirement (CAR) subjects 2 6
Service Learning 1 3

Major Study Requirements No. of Subjects Required No. of Credits Required
Work-Integrated Education (WIE) 1 (CC313 Work-Integrated Education) 3
Capstone Project 1 (CC402 Capstone Project in Chinese Culture) 3
Discipline Specific Requirements (DSR)



Discipline-Specific Language Requirement
  • CBS3351P Academic Writing and Communication in Chinese
  • ELC3321 English for Students of Chinese Cultural Studies
2 6
Core Subjects
  • CC308 / CC308P Discovering Chinese Culture in the Field
  • CC309 / CC309P Chinese Film and Its Social and Historical Context
  • CC315 / CC315P Cultural Contact between China and the West
  • APSS3601 Government and Public Administration in Contemporary China
4 12
Specific Area Subjects*

[1] Culture and Society

  • CC310 / CC310P Confucianism, Classical Learning and the State#
  • CC311 / CC311P Ancient Chinese Customs
  • APSS360 Social Problems and Social Issues in Contemporary China
[2] History and Institution
  • CC305 / CC305P Modern Chinese History and Culture#
  • CC306 / CC306P Politics and Military Affairs in Imperial China
  • CC312 / CC312P Women in China
[3] Thoughts and Religion
  • CC3231 / CC3231P Major Religions in China#
  • CC307 / CC307P Chinese Folk Religions and Beliefs
  • CC316 / CC316P Guided Studies in The Four Books
[4] Literature and Arts
  • CC3161 / CC3161P The Art of Literary and Practical Chinese Writing#
  • CC314 / CC314P Art and Culture of China
  • CC4241 / CC4241P Chinese Traditional Theatre and Performing Arts
[5] Policy and Management
  • CC4151 / CC4151P Chinese Cultural Policy and Heritage Management#
  • AF2602 Global Economic Environment
  • HTM3251 Tourism and Chinese Culture
10 30

*Students have to take 2 subjects (6 credits) from each of the 5 areas, including the compulsory subject, which is marked with a #.

*Please click here to view the Definitive Programme Document (DPD) for 2019-20 cohort.