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Students have to take two compulsory subjects (6-credit), one subject from each core area, in total three subjects from three core areas (9-credit), any two elective subjects (6-credit) and MA dissertation (9-credit).

Subject AreaNo. of Subjects takenNo. of credits taken
Compulsory Subjects 
CC5001 Introduction to the Study of Chinese Culture
CC5002 Studying Chinese Culture through Fieldtrips
2 6
Elective Subjects Core Area 1 Society and Culture 
CC5101 Chinese Dietary Culture
CC5102 Chinese Customs and Etiquettes 
CC5103 Underground Societies in China
CC5104 Folk Beliefs and Occult Science 
CC5105 Gender and Sexuality in Modern China
CC5106 Chinese Films and Society
CC5107 Special Topic on Society and Culture
CC5115 Modern China’s Intra-Asian Political and Cultural Relations
CC5116 China’s Frontiers: Society, History & Culture
1 3
Core Area 2 Religions and Thought 
CC5201 Government and Education in Confucianism
CC5202 Buddhism and Chinese Culture 
CC5203 Daoism and Chinese Culture
CC5204 Islam, Christianity and Chinese Culture
CC5205 Special Topic on Religions and Thought
CC5211 Early Chinese Thought, Belief, and Technology
1 3
Core Area 3 Literature and Arts 
CC5301 The Expression and Application of Chinese Writing
CC5302 Appreciation of Chinese Classical Rhymed Writings 
CC5303 Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings
CC5304 Chinese Traditional Theatre and Performing Arts
CC5305 Special Topic on Literature and Arts
CC5311 Classical Chinese Fiction
CC5312 Modern Chinese Literature
CC5313 Music and Language in Traditional Chinese Poetry and Drama
1 3
Others, including subjects from Core Area 1,2,3 & other free elective subjects below 
CC5401 Businessmen and Business Culture in China
CC5402 Cultural Tourism and Chinese Culture 
CC5405 Special Topic on Business, Tourism and Cultural Management
CC5406 Great Works on Chinese Geography and Travel
CC5407 Writings for Chinese Merchants and Encyclopedias
CC5408 Chinese Regional Culture
CC5501 Teaching Chinese History and Culture 
CC5502 Selected Topics and Readings in Chinese Culture
2 6
CC5503/CC5504 MA Dissertation
1* 9
Total 7 + 1* 30