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Call for Applications

Anytime within a year。

Required Qualifications for Postdoctoral Fellows

1. Candidates must have been conferred/obtained the PhD degree or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution no more than three (calendar) years before the (calendar) year of application, or they are expected to obtain the PhD degree within six months of the application deadline.

2. The academic quality of the proposed research topic must be high and the research track record of the applicant must be strong.

Nonetheless, for better development of the PDF candidates, and for the building of wider networks, a candidate who is a PolyU PhD graduate and/or will be under the supervision of the same previous Chief Supervisor for the proposed project would be given a lower priority.

Identification of Postdoctoral Fellow Applicants

Postdoctoral Fellow applicants are advised to contact the relevant Chair of Departmental Research Committe for discussion on the research project proposal.


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