current students

-          Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

-          Research Postgraduate Programme

-          Linguistic Training for Gifted Students

To further unleash the potential of gifted students, the Linguistic Training and Internship for Gifted Students programme funded by the Gifted Education Fund of Education Bureau and organized by The Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies and Department of English at PolyU offers linguistic training and internship opportunities for gifted students at secondary levels. Schools / parents / guardians are now invited to nominate gifted students to apply for our programmes. Details.

-          Hong Kong Linguistics Olympiad Competition

Hong Kong Linguistics Olympiad is the accredited competition to allow pre-university students to participate in the international linguistics competitions (International Linguistics Olympiad and Asia Pacific Linguistics Olympiad). The linguistics Olympiad consists of solving linguistic puzzles which require only logical ability, patient work and the willingness to accept challenges. No prior knowledge of linguistics or second languages is required. Students can learn more about the knowledge of world languages and improve their abilities of observation, logic and awareness of diversity while solving problems involving language data. Everyone is welcome to give it a try and explore the wondrous realm of language and experience its gems. The working language for HKLO is English. Participants who are eligible for linguistic Olympiads in other nations/regions (in addition to Hong Kong) cannot compete in multiple contests each year. Details.