When standing or walking

standing posture

walking posture

  • Head faces forward with chin tucked in
  • Shoulders at the same level and relaxed
  • Standing straight
  • Tugging the abdomen
  • Feet bearing equal weight
  • Avoiding pelvic tilting
  • Avoiding high-heel shoes


 When sitting and resting

sitting posture

  • The neck and the back should be straight, both feet should rest on the floor
  • The desk and the chair should be at appropriate height, and close to each other


When carrying the school bag

backpack posture

  • To use backpack with wide and soft padded straps, and adjust strap length to suit body size
  • To carry backpack on both shoulders and close to the back, and the weight of backpack should not exceed 10% of the body weight
  • If carrying the backpack on one shoulder or with one hand, it is suggested to switch sides frequently



When sleeping

sleeping posture

  • Height of the pillow should keep the neck straight when lying on side
  • To use appropriate mattress firmness to support the body evenly


When getting object from height and moving heavy objects

getting object from height

moving heavy object


  • To use a platform or ladder for high object and avoid stretching the arm excessively
  • To separate heavy objects into smaller portions and carry them with both hands, and not to carry heavy objects all at the same time
  • To ask somebody to help if the object is too heavy, and use trolley to carry heavy objects
  • To bend the knees and squat, keep the back straight, move the body close to the object, use thigh muscles to lift the object, and not to bend the body