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Key Dates for Application for Minor Study of Undergraduate Degree Programmes in 2023/24 Semester One

Minor Programmes considering 2nd round application

Deadline: 17 November 2023
Application Form
AR147 to be submitted to your Major Department.

No.   Faculty Offering
Programme Code Minor Programme Title
1. FB FB 02413-YBA Minor in Business Administration
2. FB  AF 21453-YAC Minor in Accountancy
3. FB AF 21453-YFN Minor in Finance
4. FB AF 21451-YBE Minor in Business Economics
 5. FB
Minor in Supply Chain Management & Analytics
6. FB MM 23492-YMG Minor in Management
7. FB MM 23492-YMK Minor in Marketing
8. FB MM 23491-YIE Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
9. FCE BRE 32405-YRI Minor in Real Estate Investment
10. FCE LSGI 34480-YGI Minor in Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
Minor in Pilot Ground Theory
Minor in Information Security
Minor in Electronic Systems & Internet of Things
14. FENG ISE 45498-YPE Minor in Product Engineering With Marketing
Minor in Mechanical Engineering
16. FH
03404-YLC Minor in Chinese Language and Culture (For International Students)
17. FH CBS 72419-YJC Minor in Japanese
18. FH CBS 72419-YKL Minor in Korean
19. FH CBS 72423-YLT Minor in Linguistics and Translation 
20. FH CHC 77404-YCH Minor in Chinese History and Culture
Minor in European Studies
22. FH ENGL 71427-YEC Minor in English Communication (for Science and Engineering Disciplines)
23. FH ENGL 71428-YSP Minor in Spanish
24. FHSS APSS 54439-YPE Minor in Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship
25. FHSS APSS 54446-YAP Minor in Applied Psychology
26. FS AMA 63421-YAM Minor in Applied Mathematics
27. FS
15454-YFN Minor in Food and Nutritional Science
28. - SD 73416-YGD Minor in Design
29. - SHTM 24446-YHT Minor in Hotel & Tourism Management


Key Dates (for students of 2022/23 Intake Cohort)

 Date  Action  Remarks
October 2023
  • Check information concerning the Minor Programmes via List of Minors
  • Seek academic counseling from programme leaders or academic advisors of the students' Major Programme Offering Department (i.e. Major Department) (according to the arrangement, if any as announced by the department)
4 October 2023 Inviting students of 2022/23 intake cohort to apply for Minor Study The form for "Application for Minor Study" (AR147) can be downloaded via Application Forms.
10 to 19 October 2023 Submission of the Application Form (AR147) for taking the Minor study option to Major Department Attach hardcopies or scanned copies of your cumulative subject results and subject registration records, which can be found at eStudent > My Profile > Study Information.  Include any additional admission requirements for the Minor Programme, if applicable.
You will be notified by email when the Major Department endorses your application for consideration by the Minor Department.
By 13 November 2023 Notification of application result by the Minor Programme Offering Department (i.e. Minor Department)

The Minor Department concerned will inform you of the application result by email. The enrolment will be updated via eStudent > My Profile > Study Information.

Students may be allowed to count up to 6 credits from their Major (excluding “Free Elective” subjects, if any)/GUR (including LCR subjects, etc) towards their chosen Minor. If the Major subjects taken are the same as the Minor compulsory subjects, they must apply to count these subjects towards the compulsory Minor subject requirements in order to graduate. Please check the curricula of both the Major and Minor programmes. Students are required to submit the Form AR147(a) via Application Forms to and obtain approval from the Minor Department, as soon as possible and no later than the application for graduation. 

14 November 2023 Announce the list of Minor Programmes that still consider the second round of applications at this webpage ---
14 to 17 November 2023 (2nd Round Application) Submission of the Application Form (AR147) following the same procedures as described in the 1st round above ---
By 29 November 2023 (2nd Round Application) Notification of application result by the Minor Department ---
4 to 8 January 2024 Subject Registration period for Semester Two
Students who opted for a Minor can select the Major as well as Minor subjects starting from this period.




November 2023


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