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Application for Graduation : Frequently Asked Questions


Please review your graduation requirements listed at your Reference Checklist (eStudent > My Profile > Study Information > Reference Checklist) and the Programme Requirement Document and check if you will fulfil all the requirements at the end of the semester. If yes, you should submit an application for graduation during the application period as specified in Q2. Contact your programme offering department immediately if you find any abnormalities or missing/invalid remark (e.g. approved major/minor overlapped subjects) on the Reference Checklist so that rectifications can be made as soon as possible.


For students who have opted a Minor programme
  • Students opted Minor may be allowed to count up to 6 credits from their Major (including GUR subjects but excluding "Free Elective" subjects, if any) towards the Minor subject requirements. Please check the curriculum of both the Major and Minor programmes. If the Major subjects taken are the same as the Minor compulsory subjects, you MUST apply to count these subjects towards the compulsory Minor subject requirements in order to graduate.  You are required to submit the Form AR147(a) (AR Homepage > For Students on Taught Programmes > Application Forms) to and obtain approval from the Minor offering department, as soon as possible and before you apply for graduation.
  • If you have enrolled on a Minor but intend to graduate with the Major only, you have to apply for withdrawal of the Minor from the Minor offering department. The deadline for withdrawal is prior to the end of the add/drop period of the last semester of study, i.e. the semester that you graduate. Late application will NOT be entertained and your graduation from the Major only will be delayed.




According to University regulations, students are required to graduate as soon as they satisfy their requirements for award.  Therefore, you MUST apply for graduation if you will be fulfilling the requirements in the semester concerned.  Once you have fulfilled the graduation requirements, registration for subjects (including the follow-on term of consecutive subjects) in the following semester/summer term will be nullified and removed.

Each semester, an email will be sent to students enrolled in the undergraduate degree programmes (including students enrolled in Articulation and Senior Year programmes), informing them of the application period and other details on the "Application for Graduation” exercise. The application period for graduation in each semester will normally be as follows:

Semester One and Semester Two Two weeks starting from end of subject add/drop period
Summer Term One week starting from end of subject add/drop period



You can apply for graduation via the "Study Information" tab page of the eStudent platform (eStudent > My Profile > Study Information > Application for Graduation) during the specified period if you are expected to graduate in that semester.  

Tick "I would like to apply for graduation in this Semester" therein and "Proceed" to complete the process.

Q3 How to apply for graduation



Please contact your programme offering department immediately to see if any exceptional arrangement can be made.  Otherwise, your graduation would probably be delayed or would not be processed with the best scenario (see Q6).




How should Free Elective subjects be dealt with?


If your graduation requirements contain the "Free Elective" subset, you need to indicate the subjects to fulfil this requirement when you apply for graduation.  You will be directed to the "Select Subject(s) for Fulfilling the "Free Elective" Requirement" page when applying for graduation and the list of eligible subjects will be shown on the page for your selection. "Free Elective" subjects refer to any subjects (including CAR subjects but excluding level-0 subjects and training subjects) offered by the University, unless otherwise specified by your programme. Therefore, you have to refer to your Programme Requirement Document and ensure that the subjects are selected according to the specific requirements stated, if any.

The list of eligible Free Elective subjects will be shown after you click the "Proceed" button (see Q3). Sample as listed below:

Q5a How to select Free Elective subjects for graduation



As mentioned in Q5(a), eligible subjects will be listed under the "Select Subject(s) for Fulfilling the "Free Elective" Requirement" page for your selection. You can choose the subject(s) you have taken (including registered subjects and credit transfer subjects) and NOT necessarily inside the "UG-Free Elective Pool (2012 Curriculum)" for the purpose.  Please take note of the following:

  • For retake subjects, only the last attempt will be eligible for selection.
  • Level-0 subjects and training subjects (including clinical/field training) will not be counted to fulfil free elective requirement for graduation purpose.
  • Approved overlapping Major/Minor subjects will NOT be shown on the list as they should NOT be selected as "Free Elective" subjects. These subjects should be shown under the section "Counting of subject(s) under Major Programme towards Minor Study (latest application)" on the first page of your Reference Checklist. Please contact your programme offering department if you have been approved with Major/Minor overlapped subject(s) but find such information is missing.
  • Subjects selected to fulfil the "Free Elective" requirement will NOT be taken to fulfil other requirements, e.g. DSR, GUR, Minor, etc.
  • Make reference to your Programme Requirement Document for specific requirements on Free Elective subjects.



Select the number that is necessary to meet the graduation requirement as shown in your Reference Checklist.  The system will refer to the "Reference Checklist" and help validating the number of credits/subjects you have selected as Free Electives.  The following "error messages" will be shown for invalid cases when you click the "Proceed" button to confirm the subject selection.  Please follow the instruction to complete the process:

  • Submission NOT allowed – subjects overflow, please remove excess selected subjects
  • Submission NOT allowed – sum of credits for the selected subjects is less than required, please select more subjects

Below is an example with "12-credit" Free Elective requirement.  The system will accept combinations of subjects meeting the 12-credit requirement (including subject combinations of 3+3+3+3 credits, 3+3+3+2+2 credits, etc). 

Q5c How many subjects should I select for fulfilling the Free Elective requirement



Yes. "Selected Free Elective subjects" and "Major/Minor overlapped subjects" will be taken into calculation of Award GPA and for fulfilling graduation requirements

Subjects selected may become invalid in case your department has made changes(s) to the curriculum settings after your selection.  A remark "Invalid" will be shown in "Free Elective chosen (latest application)" and/or "Counting of subject(s) under Major Programme towards Minor Study (latest application)" of your Reference Checklist.  Please contact your programme offering department for necessary follow-up actions.


Sample showing "Invalid" subjects for Free Elective

Q6 Sample showing Invalid subjects for Free Elective

Sample showing "Invalid" Major/Minor Overlapped subjects

Q6 Sample showing Invalid Major Minor Overlapped subjects

If you fail the selected Free Elective subjects or you have not chosen any Free Elective subjects in the expected graduation semester, it may result in random taking of excess subjects (i.e. subjects not taken to fulfil DSR, GUR and Minor requirements), if any, for you to fulfil the Free Elective requirement and for calculating the Award GPA, which may be to your disadvantage.




Upon Release of Overall Results:


It is advisable for you to review your academic profile via the "Reference Checklist" again and see if there is possibility for your fulfilling the requirements by juggling of the subject combinations.  If there is, please approach your programme offering department within 2 weeks upon release of overall results and discuss if any follow-up actions can be taken. On the other hand, if you cannot graduate in the specified semester after reviewing your assessment results, you have to re-apply for graduation and re-select the Free Elective subjects again in future semester that you expect to graduate.



Graduates can refer to the "Graduate Checklist" for the subjects taken to fulfil various requirements of your award.  You can access the checklist via eStudent (eStudent > My Profile > Study Information > Graduate Checklist) upon release of overall results

If your programme curriculum contains Free Elective requirement, you can refer to the Graduate Checklist for subjects taken to fulfil this requirement. If you have excess completed subjects and would like to change the subjects taken to fulfil the Free Elective requirement for a better Award GPA, you can approach your programme offering department within 2 weeks (counting from the release of overall results) for appropriate follow-up actions. 


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