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 ANTONIO Carl Abelardo web

ANTONIO Carl Abelardo

Development of a technical and ethical framework in the provision of health care services for drug dependents in government-owned and/or operated health facilities the Philippines across the legally-mandated continuum of care



au kit yee algae

AU Kit Yee Algae 歐潔儀

Humanity Self-construal and Ecological Self-construal: The Effects of Self-expansion on Psychological and Pro-environmental Outcomes



CHAN Ka Ying

CHAN Ka Ying 陳嘉盈

Remaking the Chinese Peasantry: Rural Revitalisation, Agrarian Transition and the Rise of Professional Farmers



CHAN Siu Wing Alex

CHAN Siu Wing Alex 陳小榮

Psychological well-being of older men who have sex with men in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the People's Republic of China (PRC)



CHEN Xiaoyan

CHEN Xiaoyan 陈小燕

Psychological and physiological factors related with complex posttraumatic stress disorder among Chinese adolescents exposed to interpersonal trauma



CHEUNG Yuen Kiu2

CHEUNG Yuen Kiu 張苑蕎

Exploring gender difference and personality traits regarding to dating deception



giulia cuini

CUINI Giulia

Rural Livelihoods Transformation and Meaning of a River: Ethnographic Study of Three Communities of the Mekong Delta


DING Qifan web

DING Qifan 丁琪凡

Capital and Habitus in Shaping the Educational Expectation and Future Education Choice-making Process of Migrant Children: A Mixed-methods Research in Shanghai



DING Xiangying

DING Xiangying 丁向颖

Exploring the Effects of Parental Involvement and Extracurricular Activities on Children’s School Readiness during the Transition to School



Andy Fung web

FUNG Hong Wang, Andy 馮康泓

The acceptability and potential benefits of web-based psychoeducation for people with pathological dissociation



Joydeb web

GARAI Joydeb

Climate Change Impacts and Vulnerabilities on Indigenous People: A case from Bangladesh



 Gong Lin web

GONG Lin 龔琳

Disparities in Social Insurance Participation and Urban Identification among In-situ Urbanized Residents in China



GONSAMO Dagim Dawit

GONSAMO Dagim Dawit

Exploring the Role of Community-Based Integrated Child Protection Mechanisms in Addressing Psycho-Social Problem of Orphan and Vulnerable Children in Ethiopia



Guo Shaolingyun web

GUO Shaolingyun 過邵靈韻 

Emotional and Cognitive Responses Toward Mortality in Life History Strategy



hou liqi

HOU Liqi 侯力琪

The Class Consciousness of New Generation Working Class with Vocational Education Background


JIN Qian

JIN Qian 靳茜

Social Enterprises' Legitimacy Acquisition and its Influences on Consumer Behavior




lam bik chee phobe01

LAM Bik Che 林碧芝

Fighting under the Blanket: Cultural Politics of Indonesian Migrant Workers Who are Trafficked into Hong Kong for Domestic Servitude


LAN xi01

LAN Xi 兰茜 

“Alternative to development”? An ethnography study on a social and solidarity economy experiment in a Northern Chinese Village



LI Bo 

LI Bo 李博

The Quest for Public Accountability Enhancement: Implications of Non-Institutional Civic Engagement in China’s Petition System




li ruozhu apss

LI Ruozhu 禮若竹

Chinese Local Congresses in Urban Communities: Political Communication through the Liaison Station


LI Yongzhen 

LI Yongzhen 李永真

The Role of Older Adults in Fostering Family Resilience: A Collective Instrumental Case Study of Multigenerational Households in the Context of Rural China



liang jiachen

LIANG Jiachen 梁嘉宸

Investigating Public Perceptions of Online Censorship in China


LIU Chang01

LIU Chang 劉暢

Caregiving Anticipation and Preparation in Urban China: A Study of One-Child Generations in Greater Bay Area



meng ling

MENG Ling 孟玲          

Customary Adoption under Family Planning Policy in Contemporary Rural China: Life Experience, Family Relations, and Power Dynamics


IMG 5734a

SHEN Jinliang 沈金良

China’s political connection network, an incentive for GDP manipulation in political selection process





TSANG Pak Lik 曾栢力

A smartphone-based intervention to reduce procrastination among Hong Kong undergraduates: A randomized-controlled trial



WU Dan

WU Dan 吴丹

The transgender adults’ identity development within Chinese context: A qualitative research of their experiences




Carmen Yau web

YAU Ka Man Carmen 游家敏

Can Women with Physical Disabilities Strengthen Their Positive Self-identity via Social Media?




Zhang Jiwen web

ZHANG Jiwen 張繼文

A mixed-method study of stigma, resilience, and mental health among Chinese transgender and gender non-conforming individuals



ZHOU Jiajia

ZHOU Jiajia 周佳佳

Age-friendly Environments and Psychological Well-being among Chinese older people: A Mixed-Method Study in Shanghai




ZHOU Qi 周琪

Training "new farmers": State, community, technology and farmers in transformation



Zhou Qiushi web

ZHOU Qiushi 周秋實

“Left-Behind Children” in Rural China: An Ethnographic Approach



ZHOU Shuai

ZHOU Shuai 周帅

Who cares about carers?: Caregiving and mental health outcomes in informal care workers of middle-aged and old adults in China



zhu yijie

ZHU Yijie

The Rich Do Good for Autonomy, While the poor for Relatedness