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Subject Code Name of Subject
AP10000 Freshman Seminar – from atoms to the universe
AP10001 Introduction to Physics
AP10005 Physics I
AP10006 Physics II
AP10007 Applied Physics Laboratory
AP10008 University Physics I
AP10009 University Physics II
AP10011 Physics for Chemical and Biological Sciences
AP1D02 Introduction to Astronomy
AP1D03 How Things Work: the Physics of Everyday Life
AP1D04 Introduction to Atmospheric Science
AP1D05 Introduction to Physics
AP20001 Electromagnetism
AP20002 Materials Science
AP20003 Mechanics
AP20005 Programming in Physics
AP20006 Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers
AP20007 Fundamentals of Scientific Instrumentation
AP20008 Waves
AP20009 Optics 1
AP20010 Optics 2
AP20012 Computer-based Automation
AP20014 Innovation Project
AP20015 Physics in Radiological Science
AP20016 Electromagnetism and Waves
AP20017 Mechanics and Robotic Motion
AP2S01 Enhancing Scientific Literacy through Daily Physics
AP30001 Applied Acoustics
AP30002 Computational Physics
AP30003 Detectors & Imaging Devices
AP30004 Electromagnetic Fields
AP30005 Advanced Scientific Instrumentation
AP30007 Optical Design
AP30009 Laser Principles and Applications
AP30010 Radiation Physics
AP30011 Solid State Physics
AP30012 Thermal and Statistical Physics
AP30013 Photonics Laboratory
AP30014 Science and Technology of Photovoltaics
AP30016 Materials Science and Analysis
AP30017 Medical Imaging: Science and Technology
AP30018 Acoustics Principles and Intelligent Applications
AP30019 Data Analysis Techniques for Scientists
AP30020 From Semiconductor to Intelligent Devices
AP30021 Optical Design with AI
AP30022 Scientific Instrumentation and Automation
AP30023 Sensors and Transducers for Internet of Things
AP40002 Display Technology
AP40003 Solid State Lighting
AP40004 Project
AP40005 Optoelectronic Packaging and Reliability
AP40006 Semiconductor Materials and Devices
AP40009 Advanced Photonics Laboratory
AP40010 Lighting Control Technology
AP40011 Materials in Energy Conversion and Storage
AP40012 Machine Learning in Physics
AP40013 Energy Conversion and Storage with Machine Learning
AP40014 Imaging: Detector, Display and Processing
AP40015 Intelligent lighting
AP40016 Laser Processing and Applications
AP40017 Experiment X
AP40018 Medical Imaging: Science and Analytics
AP40020 Integrated Capstone Project
AP40021 Capstone Project
AP40022 Company Attachment
AP40023 Materials Modelling by Density Functional Theory

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